Thursday, July 07, 2011

Book Review: Dead Light District

Dead Light District is author Jill Edmondson’s second book in her Sasha Jackson Mystery series. The first was called Blood and Groom (I reviewed that one earlier this year, if you’d like to read my comments). I liked Blood and Groom. I like Dead Light District even more.

Sasha is a bit more experienced now. The book opens with the case:
“So these women get paid to have sex with men?” I couldn’t believe I was having this conversation.”
“Sasha, I know it sounds bad, but it’s not what you think,” said Candace, the expertly coiffed, perfectly groomed madam of the first bordello I’ve even been inside.”
And with that, Sasha is off on the case of the beautiful, but missing, Mary Carmen. She visits the underside of a hooker’s life as well as the much better life in Candace’s bordello. But it’s not easy finding a hooker who does not want to be found. It’s also dangerous, as she realizes when a very disturbing pimp turns up dead. The book moves fast, from clue to clue, hooker to hooker, danger to more danger.

There are light moments - Sasha’s just that kind of girl. Even if you’ve never had to pretend to be a hooker, you can relate to Sasha and her aching feet after wearing way too high heels and her despair at seeing how street hookers have to live. Like most of us, Sasha is often broke or near to it, yet investigation requires money, both over and under the table.

You can find Dead Light District at:

You can also check Jill Edmonson’s website to find a list of stores in Canada where the book is available.

Each book in this series develops Sasha as a person and each makes her more relatable to readers. She’s not familiar with this life that she’s investigating, but she’s not judgmental and recognizes that a life is a life, no matter what that person is doing with their life. I give Dead Light District a rating of Hel-Yeah.
FTC Disclaimer: This book was signed and sent to me by the author, Jill Edmondson. That did not influence my review. I was influenced by Sasha. She’s relatable to all ages, even though she has a lot more energy and spunk than me. By reading her tale, I could live vicariously - I could drink copious amounts, be brave enough to talk my way into just about anything, wear high heels for longer than two steps, go without sleep, and fit in whether it’s at a fancy restaurant or a two-bit flea bag hotel. Okay, that last part is not quite the truth. I could fit in at a two-bit flea bag hotel. I’m just too chicken to go there.


  1. Sometimes living vicariously is the best way - especially the high heels. :)
    I love both of her book titles! Very catchy.

  2. Sasha is clearly a couple of years younger than me.

  3. Never imagined myself a hooker, but I'm willing to start!

  4. You're such a team player, Alex. You'll jump right into any situation and give it your all!

  5. You don't have to worry, Helen, two-bit, flea-bag hotels don't bite ... well, they do literally, but not figuratively.

  6. A flea-bag hotel is so not you, Helen.

  7. I love living vicariously - this character sounds like fun!

  8. Thank you, Christopher. I always rely on your expert advice.

    Thank you, Diane. I have stayed in one before, but not on purpose.

    You and me both, Karen.

  9. It sounds like a good read! I am always up for an enticing mystery, especially a series.

  10. I love that you like the second book even more. That happens so often with me. I find an author gets into the groove, plus I'm familiar with the writing style and characters at that point. Thanks for the review!

  11. Interesting! I've run into this book a couple of times online recently, which makes me think I need to read it--especially after your great review. Thanks, Helen!

  12. Based on your disclaimer, I want to be Sasha too.

  13. Clever title. This kind of story presents so many possibilities.

    Tossing It Out

  14. Intriguing! I enjoyed reading Tim Hallinan's sensitive novel, The Queen of Patpong, which is about Thailand hookers, and this one sounds similar.

  15. Love the play on words for the title. Instead of Redlight District, it's Deadlight District.

    I've not read any of her books, but it sounds interesting. Yet another book to add to my already precariously leaning TBR pile.

  16. Oh the beauty of reading, getting to walk in someone else's shoes for awhile. It's a nice way to see the world, safely from our own homes!

  17. Sounds like another great read. Thanks, Helen.

    Regarding the high heels, I am amazed at the spike heels that are so popular now. Have you noticed how many women characters in TV shows are wearing them? How can they even walk in them for more than 10 yards?

  18. I don't know how women walk in the heels. Some of them are stupidly tall. They will be crippled some day. I doubt they would believe that, though. In Dead Light District, Sasha, the protagonist, admits that they hurt her feet after a while. You don't see that often in young, hip lead characters. (Which makes Sasha more "real" I think.)


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