Wednesday, July 06, 2011

One Book, 26 Authors

 Here’s an idea for you. Twenty-six authors, whose combined books have sold tens of millions of books, joined forces to write one book, a thriller called No Rest for the Dead. Andrew Gulli, who runs Strand Magazine, came up with the idea and the plot and wrote the prologue. Then each writer took over to write a chapter.
The list includes novelist Jeffery Deaver, best known for his Lincoln Rhyme series and now the latest authorized James Bond sequel, Alexander McCall Smith and Kathy Reichs.
You can read the article on Reuters Canada if you’d like to know more about the plot.

You may be thinking, that’s a great idea. I’ll gather my writer friends to write a book. If so, you should know that the project took Gulli four years to complete. The good news is that all proceeds from the book go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

No Rest for the Dead should be available today.


  1. Well isn't this just the something quite new and different! Deaver is my all time fave suspense/thriller writer--even better than the King in my opinion. At first I thought, Jeez, 26-way split in the royalties, why would they do that, then I read about the proceeds being donated like that ... pretty cool. Might even buy me a copy just to lend support to big name authors doing something to give back. Thanks for the tip, Helen.

    Marvin D Wilson

  2. Interesting idea! But I have to wonder about the voice of the book. :)

  3. Well it seems like an effective way to bring a really wide and varied audience to the work, each author adding more to the mix.

  4. Having worked on collaborating of writing projects, I'm not surprised it took four years. And these authors are big and would want it really smooth reading and with a good zing. I like the idea of writers picking a cause and writing a story to put money in the coffers.

    I'm going to check this out. I love Kathy Reichs.

    Sia McKye's Thoughts...OVER COFFEE

  5. I doubt I could con, I mean convince, any of my author friends to do that!

  6. I can't agree with myself half the time, let alone collaberate with that many people. But best wishes to them and I like that they are giving proceeds to a charity!

  7. While I'm no fan of collaborated works (and would resist co-authoring a book) I'll have to support this project and buy a copy in honour of my dear father-in-law who died of leukemia in April this year.

    Judy, South Africa

  8. Sounds great all the way around!

  9. Twenty-six authors, eh? Well, that is amazing ... it's tough to get three people to agree on pizza toppings let alone a plot line.

  10. I wondered the same thing Elizabeth did - the voice of the book. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during the creative process.

  11. This would make for an interesting read, 26 different tones, accents etc etc.. Wow, is it possible to turn it all into a single cohesive composition.

    Thank u for the intro.


  12. Hi Helen .. interesting concept .. and the thought of Alexander McCall Smith and Kathy Reichs co-writing let alone everyone else .. the plot must be something else ..

    I agree I'd have to buy for the support for the Leukemia Society ..

    Thanks for telling us about this .. the title says a lot doesn't it?

    Cheers Hilary

  13. I have a copy of this - I'm anxious to see if they were able to pull it off.

  14. Judy, so sorry to hear about your father-in-law.

    I, too, wonder if they can pull off a cohesive book. I imagine the editor had to be very soothing when he asked for changes.

  15. Tagalong story, I've done that in forum. It's fun because you'd never know what the previous writer will end the chapter.

    Chemical Fusion

  16. Hi Helen .. heard this talked about on the radio in the early hours this morning! One of the British contributors - can't remember his name .. said they were given a synopsis .. and because a murder thriller is a mix of odd happenings - each of the contributors added their chapter .... presumably the 27th person (Andrew Gulli perhaps) wove the puzzle together ..

    I guess it could be done that way .. if there was some form of lead in to the next chapter ..

    I shall read it one day .. cheers Hilary


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