Sunday, May 24, 2009

Visual Writing Prompt 5-24-09

This past Friday, I blogged about Books From Blogs. In that blog, I mentioned a blogger who got a book deal based on her picture-heavy blog on cats. The book has sold over 100,000 copies.

I facetiously asked on what subject matter I should create a stupid blog aimed at getting me a huge book deal. Patricia Stoltey suggested a book on feet.

Well, as luck would have it, I already have the cover pic. Currently, it’s up on my website. And now, it’s here today on Straight From Hel.

Now, that cat site got lots of hits because each cat picture had some crazy caption to go with it. What can I label this one?

Sidewalk intersection.

Where the feet meet the tile.

Seven people, one mind.

The meeting of the toes.

The Right Footed Society.

You put your right foot in, you put your right foot out…
Hmm. Clearly, I shouldn’t give up my day job to write comedy.
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  2. You're definitely on to something with the last one, but maybe it should be a bit more deep and meaningful. After all, while this is a fun book, the sub-construct is that you can live by its hidden messages, meaning you need to buy copies for all your family and friends.

    The Hokey-Pokey of Life?

  3. That does sound better, Barb.

    Hmm, think concise, think titles or captions. Got it.

  4. How about: "Getting to the Foot of the Matter" or "I Get a Kick out of You." I'm sure the podiatrists would love a book about feet. :)


  5. Oh my, after I thought about it I realized that a foot book means you'd have to look at people's feet all day long. Many, many feet. Sort of like a shoe salesman...or as Jean mentioned, a podiatrist. Automatic market.

    And--Right Foot Forward?

  6. Hi, Helen!

    I think that since it would be a book, maybe you could do a play on words and call this one:

    Start off on the write foot!Are you really going to do this? I'd be curious to see how far you'd get with it, since the concept worked already with cats.

    Take care,

  7. Cynde, probably not. I'd first do some research and see what other "foot" books are out there, if I could do a "different" foot book, and if there is a market for a humorous foot book. Then decide if I could find enough funny shots of feet. Doesn't that sound exciting!

    I like "Start Off on the Write Foot," though. Maybe get various authors to write a paragraph about each pic? Hmm. How many writer friends would I lose when I asked them to write the captions and a paragraph?

  8. Well, bless you, my dear, for linking to my blog.

    The feet in your photo are relatively pretty. For a truly gripping foot book, you'll also need very old misshapen feet (bunions, hammertoes, etc.), and some cute little baby feet. You can call the book "What's Afoot?"

    Oh, goodness, see what a day off from serious work is doing to me?


  9. Toe jam, maybe? LOL

    Fun post and idea, Helen. :)

    The Old Silly from Free Spirit Blog

  10. Perhaps you need some dialogue for the feet.
    "Your toenail polish is so yesterday."
    "Did you see the bunion on that foot? Get to a podiatrist."
    "Smell me. I just put on fresh baby powder."

  11. This is pretty cool, Helen. The picture is compelling. Let us know if you do decide to do a book.

  12. I thought of the hokey pokey too, lolol!

  13. How about "Toes and Cons."

    Jeff LeJeune

  14. "What's Afoot" and "Toes and Cons" -- you guys are sooo creative. I love them.

  15. So many cute ideas. If it's the cat pictures I'm thinking of, it's so good because of the captions and because the cats are so funny and cute.

  16. It probably is, Ashley, since it was so cute it sold like baby kitties.

  17. I'm about as original as you are, Helen. I laughed and right away thought, "You put your right foot in..."


  18. LOL. What an awesome foot pic.

    TQ for the b'day wish(:
    Yeah, I really wished Adam won but hey, so far he's getting big offers compare to Kris.

    I would definitely go to his concert!

  19. And Shake It All About

    Jeeze, Helen, I didn't even know you had a website! Doh! How embarrassing.

    I just checked it out and bookmarked it on Delicious. And judging by the recipes on the Bunko page, Delicious was more than appropriate. Nice site. Though I do have a headache after reading about how the bunko tables rotate at the end of each game.

    Man, I need a drink. ;)

  20. Which one has Athlete's foot?

    Morgan Mandel


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