Monday, January 19, 2009

A Twisted Road

Over in the UK, one author has embarked on a twisted path to publication, according to The Guardian.

First, Craig Murray published his best-selling, “explosive,” memoir, Murder in Samarkand. Then he wrote the prequel to that book. The prequel, The Catholic Orangemen of Togo and Other Conflict I Have Known, was scheduled to be release last August. It didn’t make it, though, because of threatened legal action by someone named in the book. Then his publisher dropped Murray.

So Murray “made the 226-page book available for free on his website and other sites across the internet, as well as self-publishing a number of hard copies which he is selling for £17.99. He says that 15,000 people downloaded the book in the first day.”

His story doesn’t end there, though.
He said he was "expecting and hoping" that if no legal action is taken against him, he will be able to sell the book back to a major publisher, which could then bring out a paperback edition this autumn.
What would you have done?


  1. Interesting the way he had to get his book out to the public. What a shame. Yet, you never know. Hope he gets his second book published.

    Gwyn Ramsey

  2. A "Prequel!?" I'd never heard or thought of that - cool. Gives me some ideas.

    Enjoyed this post, Helen.

  3. What a shame one person ruined it for him! Hope he does get the paperback published. And he might find that he made more money doing it himself...

    L. Diane Wolfe

  4. Diane, it would be great if we eventually get a follow-up on this book. I'd like to find out if it goes to print and what his download numbers are.

  5. Marvin, I can see that mind of yours twirling. As if you needed another book idea!


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