Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ebooks for $1

I recently read this in Publishers Weekly:
Orbit has launched a promotional program offering a different book each month, selling for just one dollar each. Vendors include Amazon and Sony, along with Stanza, eReader, Fictionwise, Diesel, and MobiPocket.
I don’t have an e-reader, but one dollar a book sounds pretty good for those of you who do, so I checked it out.

On its website, Orbit says:
We've partnered with the top ebook vendors to offer readers in the USA an ebook a month for just $1. Visit this site for the currently discounted titles, and links to buy. Each book will only be available at this special price for the promotional month, so act now!
Their title this month is The Way of Shadows, book one of the Night Angel Trilogy. The site also lists the books that will be available for February, March and April - and has a link to the complete list of Orbit titles available as ebooks (not just the ones being sold through this special deal). You can also sign up for an announcement list that will send you a reminder each month about the latest discounted ebooks.

So, if you have an e-reader, check out the site and see if any of the $1 ebooks interest you.


  1. if i had an ereader i would be downloading like mad. In fact i may pick up a few of them anyway because I do love my gadgets and when readers eventually come down in price...

  2. Can't beat $1!

    And this little promotion coincides with National Read an E-Book Wee which is in March.

    L. Diane Wolfe

  3. I'm beginning to want an ereader, but they're still a bit out of my price range. Plus, I'd have to carry a bigger purse. But it would be nice to have one!

  4. I didn't know National Read an Ebook Week was in March. Cool. Do you have an Ebook reader, Diane? I'm wondering how easy they are to use and download books onto.

  5. What is an Ereader and where would I find one? Is it similar to the Kindle? I would like to attain such a reading device, but I would really like to know how it works first. I was told that the Kindle has difficulty with displaying graphics, and my recently published book has a few grpahics in it, so how would that work out?

  6. James, when I used the term ereader, I was referring to the whole gamut of devices that allow you to read ebooks, not a particular brand. I know the Kindle is the most well known of the ereaders, but there are others out there.

  7. Helen,

    Thanks for the info. I signed up to be notified of the upcoming titles on special in coming months, but I'm not a big fantasy/SF fan so not sure I'll take advantage.

    Read an E-Book Week is March 8-14. I've signed up as a partner and will post and give away free e-books during that week.


    The Kindle is very easy to use. I haven't seen any graphics in the books I've read, but I don't think any of them would have had graphics. The Kindle does display covers. I've written a couple of articles about the Kindle. If you're interested you can go to my blog and type Kindle in the search box. If you want to learn more about e-books and readers in general, check out my Series page. I've written quite a bit about the subject.

  8. Thank you Lillie. You are a wealth of information. Anyone interested in learning more about the Kindle or ereaders, follow Lillie's link.

  9. If every e-book were that price, authors would not get much in royalties!

    Morgan Mandel

  10. No, they wouldn't, Morgan. But I can see other benefits. Like, if the book is popular at $1, it could reach a "best-seller" level, which the author could add to his/her credentials. Even if the author is already well-known, it could boost his or her standing.

    But any author would sure like the money of selling the book at $15 instead of $1 (although the author's part is pretty small to begin with).


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