Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Honest Scrap Award

Honestly, I got an award. A couple of different people gave Straight From Hel the Honest Scrap Award. Thank you Morgan Mandel, Joyce Anthony and Shon Bacon. The award is for “scrappy honesty.” To accept it, I have to:
1. List 10 honest things about him/herself (make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!)
2. Pass the award on to 7 bloggers (I hope I don’t pass it to someone who already has it! If I do, I apologize).

I really appreciate this award -- and it’s so cute! Take a look:

Okay, ten honest things about me:

1. I don’t like the taste of cilantro. For some reason, it tastes like tin foil to me.

2. I have two kids. As a small child, one of them said to me, “Mom, don’t sing anymore.”

3. I have big feet. Seriously. Big.

4. I can be slightly anal about some things. For instance, yesterday, about an hour after sending in the manuscript to the editor, I was wishing I had it back to add one more thing.

5. I have a hard time saying “no.”

6. My favorite movie is “Jumping Jack Flash” with Whoopi Goldberg.

7. My first job was working at a Dairy Treat.

8. A high school test said I should be a translator. Ha! I proved them wrong. (I would have said that in French or Spanish, but I don’t remember how.)

9. As a kid I used to sleep walk.

10. My older sister and I used to wake up early Christmas morning and sneak into the living room. We’d keep the lights off so as not to wake our mother. Santa usually left fruit and nuts and sometimes candy, but one year I couldn’t get the sack open. Turned out to be my mother’s feet in socks. She was sleeping on the couch to catch us. Which she did by scaring the bejeebies out of us by sitting straight up in the dark.

Now, who to tag? I’ve been so out of it, submerged in the book that I don’t know who might have already received the Honest Scrap Award! But the blogs I choose are:

Marvin Wilson @ http://inspiritandtruths.blogspot.com/

Emma Larkins @ http://www.emmalarkins.blogspot.com/

L.J. Sellers @ http://ljraves.blogspot.com/

Lauri Kubuitsile @ http://thoughtsfrombotswana.blogspot.com/

Vivian Zabel @ http://vivianzabel.blogspot.com/

The Evil Editor @ http://evileditor.blogspot.com/

Nathan Bransford @ http://nathanbransford.blogspot.com/

Thank you one and all for your honest, scrappy, enlightening, interesting, posts. And thank you for giving me the Honest Scrap Award. I wear it with pride.


  1. Loved reading your ten honest points, Helen. What fun.

  2. Very interesting. Very brave, too. :)

  3. Brave? Uh-oh, maybe I'd better go back and re-read what I wrote. Never write posts before the sun comes up and your eyes are fully open!

  4. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to give this some thought.

  5. Thanks for sharing-I can just picture the Christmas "surprise" !!

  6. Loved the Mama's socks Christmas Eve surprise/shock - LOL. I got nailed with this one and posted my ten scrappys earlier, so I'll beg out of a 2nd round but thanks for thinking of me.

  7. I went and found Marvin's 10 Honest Things. If you want to see his list, go to:

  8. yea, yea. My kids have told me not to sing, too. Whatda they know anyway?

    Enjoyed my visit here today. Come and see me anytime.

  9. Cilantro is one of those things you either love or hate. I also hate it. When it's in a dish, the whole dish is spoiled for me.

    So you were a sleepwalker? That's fascinating.

    Morgan Mandel


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