Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Holidaze are Among Us

Today, via email, a friend asked if I was an organized person. Not long ago I would have said yes. I have an 8 foot bulletin board I use for story plotting or notes to self. I keep a notepad by my computer and make daily to-do lists. I have notebooks and folders, and even the books on my shelves are in alphabetical order.

But since the friend asked today, I had to say “no.”

I have a book due date of January 1. That’s not enough to throw me into chaos. I have a daughter arriving today. Not enough to disorganize me. I have four more adults and one dog arriving Christmas day or the day after, don’t know which. I have another sister who keeps saying she plans to come over and spend all day every day here while Sister One is here. She keeps calling me daily from Costco wailing that she doesn’t know what to buy in case Sister One should decide to come to her house to eat. Not enough. The house needed a thorough cleaning, Christmas to be put up, presents to be bought and wrapped. Getting close, but not there. I have to move out of my office. Take my laptop and anything I’ll need for the next two weeks, including book in progress, upstairs to a card table. I think we’ve arrived at disorganization.

And the family wonders why I’m not playing Christmas music. Why I wander through the house mumbling, “Bah humbug.” Why, last night, I dreamed I drove into a strange, hilly, forest-y, neighborhood, then my car broke down, and a nice lady picked me up, but when I whispered, “damn,” under my breath, she made me get out and I wandered through hills and forests for days and days, then as I stood on the edge of a precipice looking down into the rocky abyss…I woke up. And now I’m packing up my computer and moving upstairs to the corner of the bedroom.


  1. OK where'd you get "Holidaze?" Because EYE coined that word ten years ago and I've never heard anyone else use it other than peeps I've said it to before. It is the perfect word for what happens to people this time of year. As a matter of fact I have a Free Spirit post planned on or near Christmas titled "Holydaze."

    I guess brilliant minds think alike (smile)

    Guess you could tell I liked this post.

  2. Oh, Helen, been there, done that. I feel so sorry for you, trying to finish your book with so much going on. After welcoming your family members, excuse yourself and hang a do not disturb sign on your corner bedroom. And set some writing hours that can only be interrupted if the house is on fire or there's a "terrorist attack."

    Best of luck!

  3. I'm almost there. Bought 3 presents today, but wish I could get out to do more shopping. Can't because we're going out to dinner tonight and I need to get ready. Also need to do the wash.

    Just when I think things are in semi-order, weird things happen.
    Like now, the kitchen ceiling is dripping in 2 spots because of the ice shoring, because of the snow storm, because of the thawing....
    It goes on and on.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. Oh Morgan, I feel your pain -- or in my case, tiredness. After a full day of getting the room & bed ready for daughter, then picking her up, stopping at Hut's Hamburgers to eat, going to Whole Foods (she's going to make tofu spring rolls tomorrow) and then stopping for a last minute gift, I tried to start an edit on book and practically fell asleep. Couldn't keep my eyes open so had to quit.

    Hang in there girlfriend!

  5. I'm going to try that Jean.

    I'm hoping to go online at Amazon tomorrow and buy your book to send to my aunt. I think she'd like it. I should have thought long ago, bought it, sent it to you to sign then sent it to her. Can't believe it's this close to Christmas and I'm still shopping for gifts that have to be mailed!

  6. We are not brilliant minds that think alike, Marvin. We are one mind split between two bodies.

    Cue the scary music!

  7. "We are one mind split between two bodies."

    Hey your other half-brain just posted his Holy-Daze" piece up on Free Spirit. LOL Check it out when ya gotta minute.


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