Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Copyright Law & Authors

I’m no lawyer and don’t play one on TV, so I’m not going to speak about the law. But I am going to direct you to an article in the US News. Patrick Ross, executive director of the Copyright Alliance, which advocates for copyright as an agent of jobs and creativity, wrote “Copyright Laws Work Well Against Illegal File Sharing, Also Called Online Theft.”

Definitely worth reading.

Here are a few quotes:
Technology makes it easy for anyone to duplicate and distribute creative works. That does not justify indiscriminate use of technology.

Decriminalization advocates say amateurs need to be free of copyright laws so they can combine songs and images into new works.

The market is providing legal alternatives, driven by our property rights system that gives creators power over the production and distribution of their works. They have a motivation to create artistic works, and thus the creative industries and their 11 million U.S. workers produce a positive balance of trade with every U.S. trading partner. We enjoy a treasure-trove of creative works that is the envy of the world. We can't flip the rights system to empower file sharers at the expense of artists and their motivation to continue to create.


  1. Interesting article on a very timely topic. I know I cringed when my publisher insisted on my last novel being put out in ebook format at first. Who's to stop it from being copied and distritbuted for free? But sounds like the issue is being worked on. Hopefully for the best for all.

  2. You'd think they could put a trip wire in it the way they do movies.

  3. Thanks for the link. You're always a great source for new information.

  4. I always wonder what is crossing the line between fair use and stealing something.

    Morgan Mandel


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