Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday at the Texas Book Festival

It’s Sunday, Sunday, Sunday at the Texas Book Festival. The last fun-filled, cram-packed day of books, authors, literature, music, and walking, talking and laughing.

This is your last day to get some fabulous autographed book gifts. Keep in mind that the Festival supports Texas libraries.

Don’t forget the time change that happened in the wee hours of last night. And keep in mind that downtown Austin is hosting a huge race with runners encircling the Festival. It should be over by the time the Festival events start, but be aware that parking may be tight until they take down the street barriers. But don’t let that stop you. It won’t stop me and I’ll have to be there long before the race is over which means I’ll have to park blocks and blocks away and carry loads of stuff to the museum – which means I may be barefoot long before the day is over (see yesterday’s post). Hey! I’m a Texan, which means shoes are only for walking on ice or glass and it’s not winter and the museum isn’t on 6th Street.

At the Austin Museum of Art you’ll find me and these wonderful speakers:

11 – 12: Exodus/Exodo, Julian Cardona, moderator Cecilia Balli

12:30 – 1:30: Intimate Modernism: Fort Worth Circle Artists in the 1940s, featuring Scott Grant Barker, introduced by Helen Thompson

2 – 3: O. Rufus Lovett, introduced by Sam Martin

3:30 – 4:30: Bordertown: The Odyssey of an American Place, Benjamin Herber Johnson and Jeffrey Gusky, introduced by Kodi Sawin

And if you’re there for that last panel, stick around. I’ll put you to work folding table tops and carting stuff to my car a mile away. I’ll make things easy for you – I’ll carry my own shoes!

I’m just kidding!

Why would I carry my own shoes?


  1. LOL, Helen. Don't forget your Dr. Shoals. It sounds like great fun and I wish I could be there to help. Have a great time!

  2. It was a fun day Jean. Good speakers. Helpful volunteers.

    Tell ya what I did. This morning, when I got downtown, the race was still going on so I had to zig zag through streets to work myself around to the other side of downtown. Then I parked my car in front of a barricade and waited, while a sea of pink ran by. As soon as a worker slid it away, I drove through and managed to get a parking spot smack dab in front of the Museum, so loading up at the end was easy.

  3. Helen,
    The Festival sounds wonderful. It's been several years since my health has permitted me to attend so I enjoy experiencing a little of it vicariously through your reports.

  4. the festival takes place every fall, drawing upwards of 40,000 spectators to delight in panels, concerts, demonstrations, and other activities in the House and Senate Chambers, as well as tents and stages erected on the sprawling green lawn of the Capitol grounds. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and other high-profile politicos have given keynote addresses, and the late Governor Ann Richards was a regular as well. Kay Bailey Hutchison, Jim Lehrer, and Roy Blount Jr., and other such notables have made appearances as well.

  5. Well said Tonny. I love the Festival. It is an amazing array of authors, events, and speakers.


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