Sunday, October 12, 2008

Book Review: Blood Hunt

Ian Rankin, in Blood Hunt, introduces Gordon Reeve, a former SAS soldier. When Reeve’s journalist brother is found dead, Reeve doesn’t accept the ruling of suicide. Believing he was murdered, Reeve sets out on a quest to find out why his brother was killed and by whom.

Although Reeve is no longer a professional killer, he remembers his training and he’ll have to put his body to its limits to exact revenge while keeping his family safe. He sets out on his hunt for the killer, only to find himself the hunted.

Rankin is an award-winning author and Blood Hunt is fast-paced with interesting characters. Rankin clearly did his research for this book, weaving his knowledge seamlessly into the plot.

The only negative for me was that there were a few too many characters to keep up with and differentiate.


  1. I read a book where there were a lot of characters and it was a bit much to handle. It was YA fantasy caked The Search for the Red Dragon.

    October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. I'm doing some articles on this topic.

    Domestic Violence Awareness

  2. Hi Brooke.

    Sometimes I'm tempted to do a character list for books I read, so I can keep them straight.

    Thanks for the Domestic Violence link to your site.

  3. Sounds like it could be made into a good movie. Revenge themes are very popular.

    Morgan Mandel

  4. It probably could be made into a movie, you're right.

  5. "The only negative for me was that there were a few too many characters to keep up with and differentiate."

    Interesting. Do you think if the book were a longer work the author could have spent the time to work in more character development and weave them into the story more efficiently so you didn't have to feel overwhelmed "keeping up" with them all?

    Just curious - I always value your literary opinion. What's the word count on the novel?

  6. Marvin, I don't know the word count. Guess I could count pages and average # of words per page, but I haven't done that.

    Sometimes a book will have characters with similar names and that can throw me off. Sometimes characters appear only once and then disappear completely or for so long that I've forgotten about them.

    But to tell the truth, lately I only seem to have time to read for short periods of time and sometimes days can go by before I can pick up the book again. So I'm beginning to think the problem is with me. Perhaps I should keep pen and paper as a bookmark and start listing characters and their roles.


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