Saturday, October 11, 2008

Yesterday was Me, Me, Me

Yesterday, Friday, something happened that doesn’t usually happen. I was popping up all over the Internet. Like one of those little moles in the game where you have to bop them with a rubber mallet.

Susie Hawes interviewed me and then posted it on two of her blogs. I appeared on GhostPosts and ghost posts (two different blogs, but same interview). So, I hopped from one to the other over the course of the day answering any questions and saying “howdy” to those who stopped by. That was fun. You can still jump to either or both blogs and leave a comment.

Although it hasn’t happened yet, Susie sent word that her interview with me has been accepted by and will appear in the next issue of Whispering Spirits.

Also yesterday, I blogged at the co-op blog I’m part of called The Blood-Red Pencil. We’re a group of editors who offer advice and tips for writers. My post yesterday was called “Using Words to Establish Mood.” You can also still go there to leave comments, ask questions or offer your own advice.

And, of course, you can always find me here on Straight From Hel. Incidentally, yesterday was my 600th blog post. Woo-woo! And I’m over at Twitter, tweeting every day.

I tell ya, Friday was an odd day. And now it’s time for me to duck my mole head back into my hole before somebody smacks me.


  1. This is great, Helen! Way to network and get your name out there. Hey please alert me to when the Whispering Spirits issues comes out?

    Many kudos, my friend.

    Marvin D Wilson
    Blogs at Free Spirit:
    Eye Twitter 2 -

  2. Thank you Marvin.

    As soon as I know when Whispering Spirits is out, I'll let you know.

  3. Congratulations, Helen. It's great to see you popping up all over the Internet.

  4. I LOVE the mole and mallet comparison...Whack a Helen!

    Congrats on this! It's so fun when google search turns up stuff like this!

  5. Wish I'd thought of Whack a Helen -- I would have named the post that.

    Think I'll Twitter that little caption, but I'll credit you, Dana.


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