Friday, August 15, 2008

Bookmark It!: The Best Reviews

Like to do book reviews? If you write reviews for Amazon or GoodReads, for example, why only post them there?

Or maybe you’re looking for a review for your own book.

There are online sites that host book reviews. The Best Reviews is one such place. And it has reviews for just about every genre.

Biography/Memoir – 69
Children’s Books – 36
Contemporary Romance – 3762
Historical Romance – 2142
Horror – 220
Literature and Ficiton – 1525
Mystery – 4149
and thousands more in various categories (even 2 Westerns)

You can search by genre, author and reviewer. So, take a look and bookmark it!


  1. Thanks for the bookmark, Helen - will definitely check it out.

  2. For mystery/suspense/crime, I like Bloodstained Book Reviews. Lillian is concise and insightful.


  3. Thanks L.J. I'll check them out.

  4. Cool! How the heck do you guys find all these nifty sites? I'm just grateful you have because you've saved me some time.

  5. I'm always on the lookout for sites, contests and events for writers. And I keep notes. Gotta write everything down so I don't lose them!

  6. Thanks--I like to see what others think about certain books!!!

  7. Charlotte Phillips8/17/2008 7:42 AM

    Great post - thanks for the tip!


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