Saturday, August 16, 2008

Book Review: Freezing Point by Karen Dionne

If you like your suspense to be organic to life, not contrived the way some serial killer or suspense books feel, then read Freezing Point. As unique as the story is – using microwave beams to melt icebergs to get clean water – it feels as if it could be true. But the suspense is not the melting of an iceberg, but what happens in the trying – and what could happen in the doing.

Freezing Point has suspense, action, unusual settings, believable characters, with environmental issues, scientific fact and theory and a touch of horror thrown in.

Due out in October ’08, Freezing Point will probably become a fast-seller. Author Karen Dionne and Jove Books are already sending it out on a pre-publication world book tour. It’s garnering a lot of buzz.


  1. Thanks for the concise and interest-piquing review, Helen. I'll definitely have to check this book and author out.

  2. Marvin, I think you'd also find her Pre-Publication World Wide Book Tour interesting.

  3. It sounds intriguing, especially the touch of horror!

  4. It was horrible enough to make me cringe and hope this is not how the world will end.

  5. A good review. You make it interesting. Well done.


  6. Thank you Anthony.

    I'm new to writing reviews!


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