Thursday, August 14, 2008

Q&A with Author L.J. Sellers, Next Thursday

Next Thursday, August 21st, author L.J. Sellers stops by Straight From Hel for a Q&A. She’ll be answering questions about editing, marketing, and even the controversy surrounding her mystery/suspense book, The Sex Club.

An award-winning journalist, Sellers has a lot to say about her writing process and why she wrote The Sex Club – as well as why she gave it that provocative title.

When Sellers is not at her computer working on the next book in the Detective Jackson series or editing for other authors, she’s out hiking and biking or doing the occasional stand-up comedy. She’s a Renaissance woman! She’s also a woman willing to answer questions, so be sure you come back next Thursday and ask her some.

You’ll have THREE chances to win a copy of The Sex Club. L.J. will choose the winners. (There goes my plan to keep all the copies for myself.)

I hope you’ll check out L.J.’s website, the excerpt of The Sex Club and her blog, then come back next week with lots of comments and questions!


  1. I look forward to L.J.'s session and would love to win one of her Sex Club books.

  2. Hi Jean -- L.J. is going to answer all my questions and she'll answer any you have, so come back next Thursday. I'm excited about her stop on Straight From Hel!

  3. I'll definitely check it out! And no, Helen, you don't get to keep all three copies for yourself... BAD Helen!

  4. Guess it's a good thing I won't be the one deciding the winners. They'd be my sisters and the autograph would start, Happy Christmas from Helen...


  5. I'll be there. I want to know more about LJ and interviews tell a lot. I LIKE the title the Sex Club - it's a snazzy provocative way to draw attention. My guess she's a darn good writer, too.


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