Monday, July 21, 2008

Free E-Book

Kendra Bonnett is writing the book, “Using the Internet to Write Your Way to More Book Sales.” And while she’s working on it, she’s giving it away.

You can sign up at her blog. Look for the book cover in the right sidebar. Once you sign up, she’ll email you the first chapter. For those who sign up now, the entire book will be free.
If you sign up before I put a price on this, you’re guaranteed to receive all updates free too.
I signed up and within minutes received the first installment of my (first) e-book. It’s well put together with interesting sidebars. This first section is mostly the basics, but even if you’re quite familiar with the Internet and already do some marketing in cyberspace, you’ll find informative advice.


  1. Thank you for the nice words Helen. Yes, I am starting out with the basics. But it will get more detailed as we go forward.

    One of my goals is to try to make the Internet marketing process as easy as possible for the newcomers. Any of us who have been doing this more than a year can remember the overload, frustrations, confusion etc. Getting started is the toughest part...that and trying to decide what to do first.

    Thanks again Helen. Hope you continue to like what we produce.

  2. More and more people are asking me about marketing their books online. That makes your book timely and necessary. The Internet and the idea of trying to figure it out and use it to market is intimidating.

    Hope lots of people will download your book and buy the final product when it's ready. Thanks for writing it.


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