Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Author Susan Witting Albert – Book Blog Tour Visit Next Week

Next Wednesday, April 2nd, author Susan Wittig Albert is stopping by Straight From Hel on her blog tour for her latest China Bayles book, Nightshade. This is the 16th book in the China Bayles series. There are a lot of reasons to love this series. If you like mysteries, you’re probably already a Susan Wittig Albert fan. If your love of herbs goes beyond searching the grocery store aisle, you’ll want to read every book in the series since the protagonist is an attorney-turned-herbalist and each book centers around an herb. If you like keeping up with a series because the characters begin to feel like family or friends, then this is the series for you. And if you love it when a book’s setting is realistic, informative and vivid, then you’ll really like this latest book, Nightshade.

Susan is planning to visit a lot of herb or herb garden blogs on her tour, but Straight From Hel is one of the few writing blogs she’ll stop at. So you’ll want to, for sure, come back next Wednesday when Susan will talk about setting. Her topic, aimed specifically for writers, will be: “Pecan Springs: Growing a Town.” She’ll have a lot to say, plus you’ll be able to ask her questions in the comments section.

Susan not only writes the China Bayles series, she and her husband Bill wrote the Robin Paige historical mystery series. And, if you were here for her stop in November last year, then you know Susan also writes the Beatrix Potter series. By now you may be thinking Susan is one of those people who do so much it makes YOU tired just reading about it. Well, put your feet up, ‘cause there’s more. Susan used to write young adult – as in, Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Sweet Valley Twins and more. She also writes nonfiction. And she’s the founder of the national organization, Story Circle Network.

As a writer, you may be thinking that you’d like to schedule a blog book tour. Take a look at her schedule. Go and read each post and you’ll get an inkling of what’s involved. And whether you’re a writer or a fan, at each post you’ll be able to throw your name in the pot for a copy of Nightshade. And, if you enter at least eight of the drawings, you’ll be eligible for the grand prize – the audiobook of Bloodroot. So be sure to do that. And be sure to come back here next Wednesday to read her post and sign up for a chance at a free copy of Nightshade -- and maybe an audiobook, if you follow her along on her tour.

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