Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Self-Publishing Tales

If you’re thinking about self-publishing your book, you’ll want to read the Austin American-Statesman article, “Author! Author! (And Publisher!).”

It’s a pretty balanced look at self-publishing, neither pro nor con. And you’ll find some first-hand advice from authors on what to research before you take the plunge and what to expect. You’ll also hear from the publisher of Groundbreaking Press, Brad Fregger.

Although a few self-published books have gone on to be huge successes – consider Christopher Paolini’s “Eragon” – most do not. Fregger said:
"You don't make money. If they're trying to get rich, they should take their money to Vegas and put it on the blackjack table. They have a better chance of getting rich that way than publishing a book."

Author Karen Kreps
“has put more work into getting the book printed than she ever imagined. She hired an artist to design the cover, purchased a $900 piece of software to typeset the book, paid her magazine editor to edit a newly written introduction and paid for multiple printed draft copies of the paperback, which she's still not completely satisfied with. But even after all that work, she's having trouble getting her book reviewed or stocked in bookstores.”

Kreps said:
"I've spent $4,000, and I'm discovering it's not nearly enough."

But quite a few authors aren’t intimidated by the odds. Author Holly Hollan said:
"How far I can get with it, marketing-wise, depends on how much work I put into it."

ON ANOTHER NOTE: About a week and a half ago, author Lynda Sappington was our guest here. She’s giving away two copies of her book, “Star Sons – Dawn of the Two,” to Straight From Hel readers. You still have a few days to email her that you’d like a copy to get your name in the drawing.

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  1. Self publishing can be tough. The more information you get the better off you will be. A really good article to read is at the Brioprint Blog on The Do’s & Don’ts of Self Publishing


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