Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Writers Blog Worth Checking Out

There are so many great blogs out on the Internet. Seriously. I come across them every day. I have a huge list of bookmarked blogs, but there’s not time in the day to visit each one. I try to list some in the sidebar of the blog, but there’s not room for all of them.

So I thought I’d try once in a while to mention one in a post. The one I chose to be the first is Women In Crime Ink. If you write crime novels, such as true crime, mystery, suspense, police procedurals, etc., you’ll want to bookmark this blog.

The blog is written by a group of experts in the field of criminal justice:
Pat Brown, Criminal Profiler
Andrea Campbell, Forensics Specialist
Kathryn Casey, Mystery Writer
Tina Dirmann, True-Crime Author
Stacy Dittrich, Policewoman/Novelist
Diane Fanning, Crime Author
R. Stephanie Good, Author/Attorney
Cynthia Hunt, Broadcast Journalist
Jenna Jackson, “48 Hours” Producer
Vanessa Leggett, Crime Writer
Michele McPhee, Author/Broadcaster
Connie Park, Cold-Case Detective
Donna Pendergast, Murder Prosecutor
Lucy Puryear, Author/Psychiatrist
Robin Sax, Sex-Crimes Prosecutor
Katherine Scardino, Defense Attorney
Donna Weaver, Private Investigator

They talk about their cases, their work, their unique viewpoints. And they’ll answer questions. So drop by and visit Women in Crime Ink.


  1. Thanks, Helen. Really good of you to mention Women in Crime Ink. We're already having some very lively discussions.

  2. It's a great blog Kathryn -- one that could be especially valuable for writers.

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