Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Reading Montana

Still in Montana. But on the move. Today we pick up stakes and move to another town, another relative. Actually, we've been re-acquainting ourselves with quite a few relatives here in the Kalispell area.

One, Aunt Bev, is an avid reader. She has shelves of books everywhere. Recently -- and I mean recently in a relative term since it was about 30 years ago -- she discovered mysteries. When she found out I too like mysteries, she wouldn't let me leave without a bag of books. Mind you, I have no earthly idea where I'll pack these books, but who can say no to free books, especially when they come from an aunt who talks fifty times faster than she listens.

Haven't checked them all out. But I know one is an author I've not read before. Nagaio Marsh. Looks like it might be interesting, since its pub date is 1936.

So now I have lots of books, which is a good thing since we still have hundreds of miles to travel. We've already been in Washington, Idaho and Montana. Still got Wyoming to go before we hit reverse and head back to Spokane.

Happy trails.

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