Monday, August 27, 2007

On the Road Again

Hello all. Short post today. I'm on the road again, to semi-quote Willie Nelson. Currently, I'm in Montana. This morning, I could smell the smoke in the air from the fires in Montana and Idaho, although I'm told it's much better than last week when the smoke was really heavy -- so much so that some people not in any way threatened by the fire had to stay inside.

Haven't had time to visit a bookstore, a favorite thing of mine when I'm out and about. Although we did drop into the bookstore at the Austin airport before leaving. Here's my question about that ... the Austin airport tries to have all the stores, restaurants, etc. within its walls Austin based. Meaning the Austin places get first shot at coming in, and so many Austin eateries, etc. want to be in the airport, it's Austin exclusive primarily. So ... why aren't Austin authors given priority in the bookstore? Drop the big name authors or at least give prominence to local authors, I say.

I brought three books with me. I had already started The Teeth of the Tiger by Tom Clancy, so I'm working on it now. Next on my list is one of my favorite authors, Diane Fanning. I finally got my hands on her first mystery, Bite the Moon.

Until tomorrow, hello from Kalispell.

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