Friday, July 20, 2007


Yep, I’ve been Potterized. Went this morning to pick up my “ticket” to get the latest Harry Potter book soon after midnight. I say “soon after” since I didn’t get to Barnes & Noble before nine, so I’m in group E, instead of A.

Actually, I won’t even be going to pick it up. My son will. And I won’t be reading the book, at least not for a while. I ordered two copies. One, I’ll send to my daughter out in San Francisco. The other my son will read first. Then it’ll probably get passed around to all his friends who want to read it. Eventually, hopefully, it’ll come back to me.

So don’t anyone tell me the secrets or the ending. Not for several months. Or maybe longer. Depends on if my son can keep track of who has the book. I’ve bought all the books in the series, but a couple have disappeared.

I lose books that way. But I learn from these experiences. I don’t lend autographed books and most first-editions. They often either don’t get returned or they come back damaged. Even so, I have a ton of books that anyone can come by and “check out.” Take ‘em and read ‘em. Good chance you don’t even have to return them. But I guess if I ever want to re-read all the Potter books, I’ll have to re-buy some of them.

So, to all of you who will be up all night reading the latest Potter, have a joyful night. Just don’t send me any spoilers. Wait until after Labor Day. Or maybe Christmas. Paul has a lot of friends.

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