Monday, July 23, 2007

Capture the Imagination

Nope, haven’t read Harry Potter yet, despite having bought two copies. Haven’t even seen the cover art. I’ve got a couple of other books I’m reading now anyway. Just have to stay away from any spoilers until I can wrench a copy from my son’s hands.

Did go see the latest Harry Potter movie, though. In 3D at the IMAX theater. Wouldn’t say that ending scene, which was the only part in 3D, was worth the extra bucks, but it was fun to watch and the screen was huuuge. Luckily, we sat far enough back to be able to watch without twisting our heads back and forth. I’d sort of forgotten the plot, but caught up with the movie. Have to say, the movie was good, but the book was better.

The sales figures for the last Harry Potter book are staggering. I’m going to list some of them here this Thursday and also in this week’s issue of my newsletter, Doing It Write.

The word is that Harry Potter was good for Rowling, but it hasn’t transferred to other books. Kids are reading Harry Potter, but not necessarily reading other books. Well, seven books are better than none. But, of course, it would be wonderful if kids took up reading as much as they play video games or listen to their Ipods or talk on their cell phones. Balance is important. And not all kids abhor reading. My son grew up playing video games, yet he’s an avid reader. My daughter did not play video games, and she, too, loves to read. Just as you buy Nintendo and Wii and other games sets and hundreds of games, you have to provide your kids with books. Good books. Books that will capture their imaginations and make them want to read more.

That’s what Harry Potter did. The books are not masters. They’re not the ultimate in writing. But they did enthrall kids. That’s what video games do. So choose books that will do the same for kids.

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