Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chocolate Pudding Lovers Unite

Today, as I’m out running errands, flipping through radio channels trying to find something remotely worth singing along to, it occurred to me that it’s been too long since I had an audio book to listen to. Audio books are great when you’re in your car on a long trip or even on short daily trips to the grocery store for chocolate pudding. Besides very few people stare when you listen to a CD book. For some reason, they do when you’re dancing and singing to Crazy while you wait for the stop light to change. Go figure.

I really like audio books and, yet, I haven’t had one in the player in months. In that time, I bet I’ve heard Kelly Clarkson wail Since U Been Gone about five hundred and thirty two times. I still can’t figure out whether she’s saying she can breathe for the first time or she cannot breathe for the first time. So I don’t know whether she was being strangled before or after he left.

I rarely have trouble understanding someone reading an audio book. And when you get a really good reader, you not only can hear every word, you can see the book playing in your head. People look for their favorite readers the same way they look for favorite authors.

With an audio book, you can listen on your way to work, then pick it right back up on your way home. You can forget your road rage and the annoying guy in the next cubicle in an audio book. You can share them with other people at work or friends who also make frequent trips to the grocery store for chocolate pudding.

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