Friday, May 18, 2007

One Wailing Slug

I have a blog; I write a weekly e-newsletter, I maintain my own website, and yet I know nothing. Nothing compared to young people like my daughter. She’s moved in with us for a month before she leaves for San Francisco. (Waaa … sorry, didn’t mean to let that motherly wail slip out.) She’s been going through storage and getting rid of mementos, sorting through old pictures, donating stuff she can’t take with her, etc. She’s only here for a little over a week more, then she’s gone. (Waaaa … sorry.)

She was off from work last night, so I skipped the second class with Karen MacInerney to stay home with Christi. Mainly, we sat upstairs and watched TV with our laptops. I should probably say that I watched TV and did a little work on next week’s issue of Doing It Write! Christi sat on the floor and worked on her laptop with an occasional glance up at the TV. She worked for hours.

I don’t know what all she was doing. I asked her once and she said she was sorting through pictures and picking out ones to be sent off to be printed. Another time she was on her email account. We have the same email provider, yet she somehow was making her emails appear in different colors, white, pink, yellow, blue. How and why she was doing that, I have no idea. For a while, she inserted music CDs. I assume to download them onto her computer so she could transfer them to her Ipod. She had said before that she wasn’t going to take her CD collection with her to California since she could download everything onto her Ipod – and she has tons of CDs. She’s also leaving her turntable here, along with albums. I don’t see how she could have loaded those, but if there’s a way, she probably figured it out.

She has a MySpace account, or so my son told me. I haven’t seen it since I don’t have a MySpace account. She has a website and she doesn’t need Dreamweaver to maintain it. She knows code. And, no, neither of her degrees is in computer science.

I’m a slug and she is amazing. Waaaa.


  1. You are SO not a slug.

    Are you kidding me? I don't know how you do it all.

    So good to see you this weekend... hope we run into each other again soon!


  2. Congratulations, Karen, on receiving the first SAGE Award. I'm glad I was there to see you receive it and to hear your inspiring talk.


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