Thursday, May 17, 2007

How To Write a Mystery class

Went to the first of three classes on How To Write A Mystery, led by Karen MacInerney last night at the Barnes & Noble Westlake (Austin). MacInerney is an experienced teacher. Not only is she an award nominated author, she teaches University of Texas informal classes, and she has the first in her second series coming out next year.

For the first class, she went into the basics, such as the essentials that have to be in a mystery and the best way to end chapters. She also provided time for the attendees to do a little writing. Toward the end, we all participated in a fun and informative brain-storming session on plotting a novel.

It sounds like tonight we’ll take what we learned on Wednesday and work on plotting a novel using her “book map” method.

Doesn’t matter whether you write mysteries or whether you’ve never written a mystery in your life, so far, this is a fun and interesting class. Even if you missed last night, you can still come tonight, get a handout and join in.

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