Saturday, May 19, 2007

View from My Office Window

My office has a large window facing the front yard. When I sit at my desk, I look out that window. I can’t actually see much of the front yard because of the trees. But it’s a great view. Lots of birds flittering around, big, small, blue, brown, red. The occasional road runner. One time I was at the dinning room table and looked around to find a road runner right next to the window, staring intently at me.

In the mornings, there’s usually a rabbit. We tend to have standoffs. I don’t know whether he can see me – he’s outside in the sun, I’m inside in the dark – but he usually freezes and seems to be staring at me. I hold very still and wait him out. Eventually he goes back to munching then hops away.

Later in the day, the resident squirrel appears. Of course, it may not always be the same squirrel, but I’ve never seen two of them together. It’s always one. Swinging from the bird feeder. Leaping from trees to the roof. About two years ago, we had a hammock on the back upstairs deck. He totally shredded the pad and pillow. Ripped it open and stole the stuffing. We actually would see him running along the railing, his little mouth overflowing with stuffing. He probably had a warm home that winter. We’ve now got bamboo furniture with white cushions and pillows out there. I’m trying to keep an eye on it for signs he’s nesting.

We have deer too. Our back yard goes down to a creek bed and a small canyon. The other side is all trees, so we see deer following the trails. They come into the yard and often sleep in the front yard. Yesterday morning, I saw a mama deer and a teeny fawn in the back yard. The fawn was trying to nurse while the mama ate. Except for the long legs, the fawn wasn’t any bigger than our miniature Schnauzer. I went out on the back deck and took a couple of pictures, but haven’t downloaded them to even know if they’re any good. Eventually, the mama coaxed the fawn to follow her behind some trees.

This morning, about 6:30, we found a fawn in our front yard, curled up. I suspect it’s the same fawn. But the mama wasn’t around. We backed off without waking the deer. My husband did a little yard work at the other end of the lawn. The deer didn’t budge. It’s now almost 10 and the fawn is still there, although it’s raised its head to look around. I was glad to see it move; I was beginning to worry. Even though it’s alive, I’m still worried because the sun is well up and the mama deer hasn’t returned.

I keep checking on it with the binoculars.

And that’s my view from my office window. And before you ask, yes, it’s sometimes hard to stay focused on the computer.


  1. That's why my computer faces the wall, and the curtains at the window remain closed!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!


  2. Also why you undoubtedly get more done and I do. I'm thinking that I need to shut the curtains and close my door, at least for a couple of hours each day. I'd for sure get more done.


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