Friday, May 11, 2007

Celebrate for Authors

Some people have asked why I’m always happy when a friend gets published or has a new book coming out.

I don’t think any writer should be jealous of another’s success. When a new writer makes their first deal it’s exciting. They’ve worked hard to achieve that step. It’s also good news for every other unpublished writer. It means it’s still possible to get published. If they can achieve their dream, so can you.

And, believe it or not, getting your first book published doesn’t mean you’ll get a second, third or forth book published. So when someone does get more books in the pipeline, it’s cause for celebration -- for them, of course, but also for all other writers. It’s hope for all writers. Plus, it means books are still being published and bought. There are a lot of naysayers out there who say the book business is on the way out, especially print books.

I’ve got quite a few author friends – some whose books I’ve edited or consulted on, some not. But for every one of them, I’m happy when they have a book coming out or when they email or call to say they’ve made a deal or gotten an agent. How can you not want to jump up and down and yell when someone tells you they’ve achieved a step in their dream?

Stop and think of the authors you know. How many of them have books coming out this year? I couldn’t even name all my friends’ books due out this year. That means I know a lot of happy people. It also means that local authors are getting picked up. Not just the big name celebrities. Not just the major names already known around the world. There are some people outside of Hollywood coming out with books.

That’s another reason why I believe in supporting the authors in your area. Go to their events, buy their books, read the reviews in your local paper and write the reviewer to say thanks for reviewing a local author, let your bookstore know you want to see more local authors, give their books as presents, read their blogs, go to their websites, visit their My Spaces, do whatever you can to support them. Not only do they need your support a whole lot more than Paris Hilton or John Grisham, but some day you may be that new local author.

For every author, even the big names, be happy. For those you know, celebrate, whether it’s their first book or the ninth. And when your first book or you next book comes out, email me. I’ll do my Yippee Dance.

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