Saturday, May 12, 2007

People Watching

I think I’ve mentioned before that I tend to be a people watcher. Last night I was at an event at the Barton Creek Resort & Spa. I’m going to things there five days this week because of the Alliant National Title Insurance Company’s conference and the Barton Creek Member/Guest Golf Tournament. I didn’t actually attend the conference nor am I playing golf, but I’m involved peripherally.

Anyway …

Last night was a mixer/cocktail party in the main clubhouse. The theme was Mexico, with a mariachi band, luminaries, various food stations from fajitas to beef to sea food to desserts, along with about four bars. This was the second day of the golf tournament, so most of the table hopping talk was about golf – scores, placement of the flags, swings, hazards, different courses, and so on. Golfers are serious people, except when they’re joking about their swings.

One guy, Nathan, said he hit his ball off to the left and it landed in the trees. Literally, in the crook of a tree. He decided to try to hit it out, except it was so close to another tree that he couldn’t get a good back swing. He hit it, it bounced off a tree in front of it and then bounced back behind him. He was so angry, he threw his club… which bounced off the tree and came back and whacked him in the face. Blood everywhere. He thought he’d broken his nose, but he hadn’t. He’d cleaned up by the time of the cocktail party and seemed none the worse, except for a story to tell.

Another guy, Wayne, was a smoker. That seemed to be how he spent most of his time. He’d go out on the balcony to smoke, then come in to chat with his friends at the table or to grab a plate of something, then go out to smoke again. I saw him more times out on the balcony than I did inside.

We were there with friends and sat at a table to talk and eat. Which was fun. The mariachi band came by and played right behind me. For about ten minutes I couldn’t hear a word that was said. They were good though.

By the time we went up to the ballroom, the band was finishing up. We listened to about three songs, then headed home. Tonight we go back again. This time for a cocktail party and sit down dinner. We’ll probably be at a table with new people, so I’ll have more people to watch and learn from.

May put Wayne the smoker in a book.

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