Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dinner with Larry Gatlin

I’m gonna tell you about dinner last night. Before I do, I have to set the scene with a whole bunch of names. I went to dinner at the Alliant National Title Insurance Company conference. The dinner was sponsored by Guaranty Bank. The evening was called “A Hill Country Evening with Larry Gatlin.” And it was held at the Barton Creek Resort and Spa. Whew!

I was seated at the big muckity-muck table – chairman of the board of Alliant National, top guy at Guaranty Bank, president of Alliant National, and Larry Gatlin himself, among others. Let’s just say the conversation was lively and interesting.

At one point, Larry (or LG) was talking about his schedule, which is heavy on the travel side, including a trip to Greece soon. He mentioned that at home he has an office where he goes to write. Well, you know my ears picked up at that. I’m thinking memoir.

So I asked him what he was working on. Turns out he’s not working on his memoirs. He’s not even working on a book. He’s writing a musical about the life of Quanah Parker, the Comanche Chief. He said he’s written fifteen new songs for it. It sounds like he’s getting close to being finished with it and is working with people in New York.

Somehow I hadn’t pictured him writing a musical, despite the fact that he’s a Grammy winning singer. The play isn’t a comedy, but Larry is funny, both in conversation and on stage. I thoroughly enjoyed his performance, as did everyone in the audience.

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