Thursday, March 01, 2007

Statistics for Romance Sales

Romance writers tend to take a lot of flap. Some people won’t even admit to reading romance. But there are a lot of people reading romance. Look at the statistics for romance fiction on the Romance Writers of America website:

  • $1.2 billion in sales each year
  • 54.9% of all popular mass-market fiction sold
  • 39.3% of all fiction sold

You can find other statistical information on the RWA site, about the romance fiction market and about book publishing in general. For example, the “consumer book publishing industry as a whole grew 24.9% to $6.32 billion in 2005.” If you check out their 2005 Market Research pdf file, you’ll notice that romance takes the biggest chunk of market sales, with mystery/thriller coming in second with 29.6%.

The RWA has always been known as an organization very supportive of their writers, especially in the area of marketing. But even if you don’t write romance, the site can still be quite informative. It’s one of those sites worth checking out, no matter what genre you write … or read.

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