Friday, March 02, 2007

Book Browsing on the Internet had an interesting article today called “Publishers OK Online Book Browsing.” Of course, online book browsing is not new. Both Google and Amazon have had that feature for some time. Barnes and Noble will let you look at the chapter index of some books.

What’s new here is that two publishers are now making browsing available. Both Random House and HarperCollins Publishers now have browse features. HarperCollins is also introducing a browse function to allow the embedding of pages of books onto networking sites like MySpace.

If you look on YouTube, you’ll find authors already putting up “trailers” for their books.

It’s like the Internet is taking over. At the very least, the Internet is changing our world forever. As I told a friend today, I can’t even remember the last time I looked up a phone number in the phone book. Looking up something on the Internet is faster, easier. If I’m looking for a book online and the site has browsing features, I do read the pages offered. Not the same as holding the book in my hand and turning to random pages, but we have to adjust. Or get left behind.

It’s difficult to keep up. Do you have a MySpace to promote your book? Have you created a fabulous video launching the book? Do you have pages on your website for visitors to browse? Do you even have Internet hook-up? I know a few authors who are completely unplugged.

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