Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sailboats a MIllion

Hello all. Sorry about this blog entry being posted late in the day. I’ve been on the road most of the day. We left Atlanta yesterday and spent the night in Augusta, Georgia – a surprisingly busy town. Then we got up and headed to Columbia, South Carolina. While there, I visited my first Books-a-Million store.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t even realize they had physical stores; I thought they only had a cyberspace presence. If you’ve never been in one, they’re quite big. This one was as large as one of the bigger Barnes & Noble stores. It didn’t have the sit-down-and-read chairs like B&N, though. I only counted four chairs in the entire store. It did have the requisite coffee shop that seems to be in all of the bigger book stores nowadays.

And, yes, I bought a book. As I mentioned, I finished the Michael Crichton book I’d brought. Last night I stole my husband’s Lee Child book and read the first two chapters, but knew I couldn’t keep doing that. So, at Books-a-Million, I picked up Darkest Fear by Harlan Coben. I’ve read him before, although not one in his Myron Bolitar series. I probably should have started with the first in the series, but so far I’m not lost.

After Columbia, we headed to Charleston. My first time here. We came straight to the hotel, so I haven’t seen much. But I like what I see. Our hotel is right on the Ashley River. I’m looking out at hundreds of big sailboats. Got the balcony door open. As soon as I finish this, I’m gonna see if I can get a glass of wine, or a bottled water at the least, turn up the music (right now, A Whiter Shade of Pale is playing) and sit out there and watch the sun set. Then I’ve got to get cleaned up and head to dinner with friends.

So far, this trip has been sort of hectic, but at the moment, life is good. Peace out.

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