Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Boring Scenes

Have you ever noticed that few scenes are set in a hotel room? That’s because nothing happens there! I know because I’m sitting in one right now in Atlanta. Bor – ing. ‘Course, some suspense or mystery books will have something unexpected happen in a hotel room, like killers breaking in. A hotel room scene is like characters eating in a restaurant. Something interesting or unexpected had better happen, ‘cause otherwise the reader is bored. If it’s just people talking or watching TV, then move it to a setting that’s more interesting.

So, “hello” from and to Atlanta. I’m on a journey across the south this week. Arrived here last night. Today, I’ll move on to Augusta. Tomorrow – look out South Carolina!

When I left Austin, I had Eragon by Christopher Paolini packed in my suitcase to read on the plane. But on the way to the airport, I stopped at a bookstore. Sort of like a chocoholic dropping into a candy store. I bought Next by Michael Crichton to give to my son for Christmas (luckily, he doesn’t read this blog). Figured if I wanted to read it, I’d better finish it before I had to wrap it. I wasn’t too far into Eragon, anyway. Now, I’m thinking I should have brought it as well, since I’m already on page 211 of Next. Next is not an easy read. Not because of all the technical verbiage, information, and supposition (that, I’m finding interesting), but because there are so many characters who don’t have anything to do with each other. Some of them are beginning to have a connection, but for the most part, it feels very disjointed.

Right before the book starts, Crichton has this sentence on a blank page: “This novel is fiction, except for the parts that aren’t.” I’d really like to know exactly what he made up or “added to.” And what is reality. Seriously. I want a “Breaking the Next Code.”

Okay folks, gotta go explore. Thinking about going on the Internet and getting a map of where I lived as a child. May swing by and see if the house is still there. Probably not. But, who knows…

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