Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Publishing Tidbits 6/19/13

In another move that signals the growing consolidation of literary agencies, ICM Partners announced a new strategic alliance with Gelfman Schneider, who will now do business as Gelfman/Schneider/ICM (but will still retain their Seventh Avenue offices.) ICM says the partnership "increases the footprint...of the publishing unit and solidifies its status as a market leader among the talent and literary agencies."Clients on the Gelfman Schneider list include Jeffery Deaver, David Rabe, Lauren Weisberger, Chris Bohjalian, and the estate for Evan Hunter/Ed McBain.

Last November, ICM set up a similar strategic alliance with the Washington, DC-based Sagalyn Agency. In addition, Curtis Brown UK represents clients from both ICM and Gelfman Schneider in the UK, which adds another incentive for all parties to work together.

In a joint statement, the partnership of ICM said: "Publishing is experiencing a sea change, and there is tremendous opportunity for authors to grow and expand their brands in this environment. We are aggressively looking for new ways to better serve our clients and take advantage of the opportunities the new landscape has to offer. Jane Gelfman and Deborah Schneider have impeccable reputations in the community, and their forward-thinking approach to client representation makes for a perfectly aligned partnership." Gelfman and Schneider added: "Joining forces with an agency of ICM's international stature gives us the power to stay competitive and more efficient in a changing marketplace and provides continuity for us and our clients long into the future."

(excerpted from Publisher's Lunch)


  1. Print on Demand technology and the rise of e-books has changed many ways of doing business. It's amazing to see all the changes across the board in the publishing business in the last 5 years.


  2. Lots of changes, for sure. Agents and publishers both will have to employ some out-of-the-box thinking to survive the upheavals.

  3. This really is a time of great change in the industry. It affects publishers, agents, booksellers, writers and readers. I agree, Elizabeth.It'll Be interesting to see who survives.

  4. lots of dancing partners and someone has to go backwards in heels. very interesting - keep those tidbits coming

    1. Men should have to dance backwards in heels. I'm having to do that tonight.


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