Saturday, June 15, 2013

News for Children's Books

For those of you writing for children, here's some snippets with links from Publishers Weekly.

Wells Arms Leaving Bloomsbury to Start Agency
Victoria Wells Arms, the founding editor of Bloomsbury Children’s Books USA, is leaving the company at the end of the month to start her own literary agency. Wells Arms started the U.S. division of the children’s publisher in 2001 and, for the past five years, has served as editor-at-large there. Her new agency, Wells Arms Literary, is expected to be up and running by September.
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Rebellion Launches Children's Imprint
Best known for the bone-crushing justice delivered by the iconic character Judge Dredd, U.K. fantasy/SF publisher Rebellion is going after a somewhat younger crowd with its new children's imprint, Ravenstone, which launched at BEA with the June release of its first book, Lupus Rex by singer-songwriter John Carter Cash.
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