Monday, February 18, 2013

Read Angel Sometimes for Free

Today, Angel Sometimes is free to read for all Amazon Prime members. If you're not a Prime member, it's still only $3.99 to download to your Kindle or Kindle app. 

Free is a pretty good deal! I'd love for all of you who are Amazon Prime members to download it

Just before her thirteenth birthday, Angel Sometimes' aunt took her 800 miles from her home in Oklahoma, gave her $50 and left Angel on South Padre Island, Texas. Four years later, Angel hitchhiked to Austin and got a job swimming as a mermaid in a bar in the music district. At twenty-two, she has friends and a place to live. When a homeless girl is beaten and a waitress killed, Angel realizes she will never be whole until she confronts her parents. To do that, she needs three things: her high school diploma, a car and a gun. She has a car. She's finished her final test for her GED. The only thing she needs is the gun and she knows where to get one.


  1. It's such a great story! I hope you get lots of downloads.

  2. Prime membership is great for authors and readers alike.


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