Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I've wanted to go see Les Miserables since I first heard about it. My husband, however, did not want to go see it. So I decided I'd get some girl friends to go with me.
Then a few days ago, my son said he'd go with me. A couple of days after that, as my husband watched TV, son asked him, "Hey dad, wanna go see a movie about the French Revolution?"

Husband automatically said, "Sure."

Guess what we're going to see this afternoon?


  1. Hi Helen .. hope you all enjoy it .. I too will get to see this shortly ... good for your son!! Words and how to use them ..

    Cheers and happy festive time - Hilary

  2. Just got back, Hilary. Loved it! Even the men liked it. Take kleenex.

  3. It's all in the description... :)

    I had the pleasure of seeing the theatre production years ago in London and loved it!

    1. I bet that was indeed amazing, Laura!


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