Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Review: Iced Chiffon

 Iced Chiffon is set in Savannah, Georgia. How could I not read a book set in my birth state? Plus, it's a cozy murder mystery -- the first in the Consignment Shop series by Duffy Brown.

The main character, Reagan, is recently divorced, strapped for money, about to possibly lose her home, and trying to keep her head above water. To make money, she turns her home into a consignment shop and begins selling her clothes. The women of Savannah show up to gossip and to buy, and they also bring things for her to sell.

Reagan gets caught up in a murder -- her ex-husband's mistress -- and sets out to discover the real murderer… before the police pin the murder on her. This is a town where everyone knows everyone, and your business is their business.

It's an easy, interesting read with characters who are southern, unique and full grown. It's often funny and will keep you guessing as to the real murderer. You'll also like Reagan who runs at full speed, her friends who help her start and keep open her new in-home shop, and her commitment to solving the murder.

Not only will you keep guessing, you'll keep reading.

I give Iced Chiffon a rating of Hel-of-a-Debut.
Disclaimer: Iced Chiffon was sent to me by the author. She even autographed the book. That did not influence my review. Nor did the fact that it was set in Georgia. I was sort of influenced by Iced Chiffon being set in Savannah. I've been there. Twice. I can't remember why my sister and I drove to Georgia, but we did. And we went to Savannah to go to a particular restaurant my sister was dying to go to. Except it was closed that day. So we went back the next day. If Reagan Summerside's consignment shop, the Prissy Fox, had been in business then, Cathy and I would have stopped by. Cathy would have bought something. I would have helped solve the murder mystery.


  1. This looks wonderful! Putting on my TBR list. My kind of book. :)

  2. Another big score for your disclaimer! And Savannah is a really cool town.

  3. I've been to Savannah (I'm originally from Georgia), Alex. I'd love to go back again. It is indeed a cool town.

  4. It sounds fun and sassy. Southern women have a unique way with that. :)
    Another excellent disclaimer, Helen!

  5. Thanks for the terrific review, Helen. Savannah is terrific, nothing better than eating your way across this lovely city. Soooo many good places to eat and drink. Jen's and Friends has all kinds of martinis like Snickers martini and strawberry shortcake martini. We need to all take a road trip and meet up.

    1. Snickers martinis? Ooh, that sounds enticing.

  6. And then there's the Pirate House where RLStevenson wrote Treasure Island. Personally I go there for the pecan chicken.

  7. Hi Helen .. I got hooked by the name - thought a dessert of iced creamy chocolatey cherried chiffon shake sounded just delicious for me now!

    But the story line sounds fun - I agree the name Savannah entices too and I love murder mysteries ..

    Cheers - then I see Duffy says you can eat and drink your way across the city ... unfair I'm over here! One day - I'm a-dreaming on ... Hilary

  8. Love your disclaimer on this. We all need a roadtrip to Savannah. We could eat our way across the city and maybe there would be a consignment shop and one never knows when a dead body is going to pop up.
    thanks, Helen.


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