Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Review: The Right Guard

 The Right Guard by Alexandra Hamlet is an historical suspense. In 1978, people in the government begin to realize that military equipment and a lot of weapons are missing. When they investigate, the weapons reappear.  The losses begin to increase until they surmise this could be the preparation for an overthrow of the government. That's when Eric Bent, a CIA operative, goes deep undercover.

From the time he infiltrates the movement, called The Right Guard, his life is constantly in danger, not just from those working to overtake the government, but also from anyone who knows his true identity, including someone he loves. The real question is whether Bent and others can find out enough information, identify enough of the players involved, and catch up to a plot that is already far ahead of their gathered intelligence.

Hamlet, the author, includes, at the beginning of many of the chapters, actual reports of stolen or missing equipment from that time period. Just knowing that so much equipment could disappear from the National Guard and the Reserves armories was sobering.

The story felt real enough to make me wonder if this could happen in real life. The Right Guard is a book I'd recommend to my brother-in-law who served in the National Guard. And I would recommend it to you, as well.


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I give The Right Guard a rating of Hel-of-a-Story.
FTC Disclaimer: The Right Guard was sent to me by Tiffani Milam with Finn Partners. That did not influence my review. I finished reading The Right Guard weeks ago, but didn't post a review because that was around the time the BBT group started a month long tour for the short story anthology, The Corner Café, and that put a halt to just about anything other than the tour. But over the weeks, my guilt built and I decided that I had to post my review.  I have two other books lined up in the review corral. For those of you who stopped by expecting a link to today's post about The Corner Café, you'll want to head over to Karen Casey Fitzjerrell's blog. Her short story is my favorite. But leave a comment here first. You're also welcome to Like, Share, Facebook, Tweet it or just yell out your window, but, no, I won't bail you out of jail for scaring folks walking by.


  1. My cousin was in the National Guard. I wonder if he'd like it?

  2. I was going to climb on the roof, but not if you won't bail me out. :)

  3. So I can't throw things out my window either? Damn.

  4. Have him read it, Diane. He'd know whether equipment often gets misplace or disappears, I bet.

  5. Laura, I would for sure bail you out.

    Alex, there is not throwing things out the window, unless it's money.


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