Saturday, June 23, 2012

Angel Sometimes Stats

 Angel Sometimes has been on Amazon for about three weeks now. Last weekend, it was available for free downloading. Between this blog and my newsletter, Doing It Write, I have a lot of authors or soon-to-be-published authors who follow. So I thought I'd share a couple of the statistics on sales of Angel Sometimes.

That first free weekend didn't result in thousands of downloads, but it did get hundreds. I have to admit, I'm not anal about checking sales and stats. I tend to forget for days, but I did look Sunday morning, after it'd been free all day Saturday and Saturday night, if there were any night owls roaming Amazon.

As of Sunday morning, 515 people had downloaded the free Angel Sometimes. (If you were one of those readers, thank you very much.)

At 8:30 in the morning, Angel Sometimes was ranked #65,411 Paid in Kindle Store.

Then at 7:30 in the evening, Angel Sometimes was ranked #56,711 Paid in Kindle Store.
(Those were the only two times I checked it.)

At 2 p.m., Saturday, Angel Sometimes was #1,590 Free in Kindle Store and #43 in Kindle Store > …> Suspense. (Pardon the snapshots. I can't tell whether they'll be readable or not!)

By Sunday morning, Angel Sometimes was doing better:
#644 Free in Kindle Store and #26 in Kindle Store > … > Suspense.

Overall, I'm quite happy with how Angel Sometimes is doing. I'm still planning on doing a blog tour for it, but will wait until the tour for The Corner Café is over.

For those of you who are on Amazon with your books, do you constantly check stats or do you forget, like me?


  1. Those are great numbers! It's good that you forget to check stats - they can drive you batty. I hope you'll get some reviews out of the downloads.
    I'm certainly open for a slot on your blog tour for Angel Sometimes!

  2. Congratulations! Getting into the top one hundred in a category is great.
    Until last fall, I didn't even know to check rankings. Now I do, and I remember to check Amazon UK as well. (CassaStar is in the top twenty in two categories, which is blowing my mind right now!)

  3. Congratulations. I can see why the stats are so good. I am in the middle of the book and loving every minute of it. I never check m stats.

  4. That's interesting, Alex. I need to figure out how to check UK stats. Hmmm, one more thing on my ToDo list.

    Karen, thank you for reading Angel Sometimes. It's still sort of a new feeling to think there are friends out there reading my book.

    Laura, I really appreciate your offer of hosting me (and you, too, Karen). I need to figure out the week and just start the work!

  5. When you go to your KDP dashboard to check numbers of books sold, it's defaulted to the US. There's a pull-down menu that lets you switch to all the other countries where Amazon sells your book and you can see the individual stats for those places.

  6. Good for you. I usually do the free books for the full five days as it takes a while for it to travel through the grapevine. I found out later that a lot of friends posted it on Facebook.
    KDP has definitely worked out well for me and my sales always increase after I've had a promotion.
    I'm so glad you got your book out there.

  7. congrats. The first time I did the free download I checked a lot and it was exciting. Now I truly don't worry about my numbers. It's fun and hey - you're a number in line with (Grisham, or Da Silva or fill-in-super-famous-author name). If I got bumped from a list, I always figured it was that darn Joyce Carol Oates who replaced me. Ha!

    I do plan to review Angel on my blog and I'll let you know - it's a really good read, Helen. Excellent story, character, etc. Angel has gumption!

  8. Thank you Joanne. And thank you everyone for your support.

    I got invited to apply to take part in Kindle's Book Blast program for next month. But I didn't meet all the qualifications. I missed out on one. (You have to have 8 reviews and I only have 3 so far.) Ah well, hopefully there will be another invite in the future. Now, I've got to decide whether to work on editing my next book or getting Angel Sometimes in print. Plus I need to do a tour.

    Well, shoot, this is long enough I may just copy it and make it a post!

  9. Helen, I just received an e-mail from KDP that my e-book is available on Google Play which as you know disqualifies it for KDP Select. Apparently the publisher I used (Dog Ear Publishing) for my first printed book took it upon themselves to put it out there in e-book form without my permission and without my approving the formatting. In fact when they asked me if I wanted them to format it as an e-book I declined. Just wanted to warn people who use self publishing places like Outskirts and Dog Ear.


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