Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Review: The Assassin's Mistress

 Usually, I do book reviews, but in this case, I'm reviewing a short story called The Assassin's Mistress. This thriller short story was sent to me by the author, J.H.  Bogran. I've written short stories before, but this is my first time to review one.

The assassin, Robert I. Prescott, saves the life of a woman, Chantal, who has skied off the cliff of a mountain and is hanging on with freezing fingers. Saving a life is new for him and this incident leads to an ongoing affair. Robert continues his work of killing those he's hired to take care of. He has no qualms about his avocation.

But then, he's assigned a job that could change his life, and, just as importantly, Chantal's life. He has to make a decision. What he does indeed changes lives, but not in the way he expected or hoped.

The Assassin's Mistress is only fourteen pages long, yet in that short time, you get to know the two main characters enough that you care about them. I don't know if there are other stories starring Robert Prescott, but I could certainly see a full book with him. Even with just this small piece, he was developed enough that he could carry a book, which would undoubtedly reveal more of his story.

Note: This book also contained two short stories by other authors.


I give The Assassin's Mistress a rating of Hel-of-a-Character because I'd like to read more Robert I. Prescott tales.
FTC Disclaimer: The Assassin's Mistress was given to me by the author, J. H. Bogran. This did not influence my review. The story did make me wonder how one becomes an assassin. Do you kill someone, then put a notice in the paper that you're ready and willing to be hired? Do you post an ad online? Is there a school for assassins to learn to do karate, lift weights, slink past security beams and fly a plane after you've killed the pilot? (None of those things happen in this story. I'm just thinking up scenarios.) Would I have to learn to ski and shoot a gun? I've skied before, but I'm not good at it. I'm bunny slopes and ski plows the whole way. But I might be able to do a gun. Uh-huh. I shot a rifle this past weekend. My first time to ever hold a gun. I not only held it, I loaded it, aimed it, and hit one out of 9 clay pigeons. (Don't know why they call them pigeons since they're really clay discs.) So maybe I'll go into assassin training. Look out all you clay discs!


  1. Writing a short story - a wonderful skill. They are not appreciated as much as they should be. Alison Lurie is highly skilled in this genre.

  2. I can't imagine killing for a living. Must be interesting to find yourself rooting for the assassin.

  3. Ha! I've wondered the same thing--how do bad guys do promo? :)

    Sounds like a great story!

  4. Oh I love reading short stories in ebook form. That's the one benefit to the ebook revolution is the tons of short stories you can grab for a quick read. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I love that you can read a short story in one sitting. Sort of like eating a cupcake rather than a full cake.

  6. Helen, of course there is a school for assassins ... haven't you ever seen a kung-fu movie? Don't you remember Beatrix being trained by Pai Mei in Kill Bill? Sheesh, you really need to get out more.

  7. I have a feeling real pigeons are safe around you...

  8. Christopher, I had forgotten about Kill Bill - and you're right, I need to get out more. Why, just a minute ago, I walked to the mailbox.

    Very true, Alex. Pigeons are safe. As are roadrunners, squirrels and burglars.

  9. sounds like a great story. And very cool to promote a short story collection. The whole world of publishing changes by the second. So glad, Helen, that you are bringing a great story to the forefront. Very cool.

  10. I've been so deep in work I completely missed this when it came out.
    Helen, I'm pleased you like my favorite assassin. I did research on training so we can chat whenever you want. :-)


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