Saturday, May 05, 2012

Book Review: Her Deadly Web

Her Deadly Web is a true crime by Diane Fanning. It's the story of Raynella Dossett Leath who found her husband in bed, dead from an apparent suicide. There were some concerns, though. For one thing, apparently 3 shots were fired. And this wasn't the first husband Raynella had lost. And she doesn't wait too long before tying the knot again.

Rather than tell you the ending, I'll tell you what I liked about the book. Diane Fanning has written many true crimes. As in the past, she does extensive research, which shows in the pictures, detailed interviews, and court records. The people are real. Diane does not let you forget that these are real people.

But this story isn't just about the suspicious deaths of one woman's husbands. It's also the tale of how status in a community can act as a barrier between a high-standing suspect and police arrest.

I don't read much true crime, but when I do, I read ones written by Diane Fanning. She does so much research and has such a way of using the truth to bring the people to life.



If you like true crime, I can recommend Her Deadly Web by Diane Fanning. If this had been fiction, I wouldn't have believed anyone could get away with such crimes for so long. I give Her Deadly Web a rating of Hel-of-a-Story.

FTC Disclaimer: I bought Her Deadly Web with my own money. I don't like to spend money, but doing so did not influence my review. If Diane Fanning had given me the book, I would have liked it just as much. Either way, I consider Diane a friend. Which, when you think about it, is rather scary. She knows how to kill people. She's written and researched a lot of true crime books. Even been on TV shows as an expert. So she not only knows how to kill, she's probably figured out how to do it without getting caught. And she knows where I live, although I don't think she's ever been to my house. But I'm pretty sure she has GPS. Must stop. I’m scaring myself.


  1. Thanks for that, good to discover a new - to me - author.

  2. I'd be scared, too, after reading that!

  3. This sounds like one to add to my Goodreads shelf of books to read. LOVE your disclaimer!

  4. The story sounds intriguing...and as usual, the disclaimer made me laugh. I think you should write a book of your disclaimers!

  5. Several people have said I should compile my disclaimers into a book. I could do that and give it away for free,but then I fear they'd return it and demand compensation.

  6. True crime is one of my favorite genres. I'll add this one to my list. Thanks for another excellent review.

  7. Perhaps you could send her a Christmas card with a fake return address to throw her off. True Crime is pretty scary but then so is the workings of Stephen King's mind!

  8. Be afraid. Be very afraid... LOL
    Thank you, Helen!

  9. Shot three times, stabbed seven and fell out a window ... worst case of suicide I ever saw.


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