Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book Review: Immortal Desires

Immortal Desires is a paranormal romantic suspense by Laura Eno. Deanna Cameron is a modern 20th century woman. After being dumped at the altar, she takes a job at Light Street Corporation. The company, however, is not what it seems. Before long, she finds herself in a castle with a man named Ian Mackay. Sounds rather like a typical Romance. Not really, because now it's the year 1505, not 2012. And her very presence there could cause the end of Mackay clan and the end of Deanna's life.

Deanna Cameron may be hurt after being dumped at the altar, but she's a strong woman - stronger than she would have thought when her world fell apart. I liked that Laura Eno wrote her as someone who could stand up for herself even while trapped in time. And when she finds love, she fights for it. I know nothing about the 16th century, but the people, places and emotions felt believable. It was interesting to learn about that time and place as Deanna Cameron did.

There are a lot of questions in the book. Will she ever get back to 2012? Can she adjust to this new time and place? Will there be a war partly because of her mysterious appearance at the castle? What will Ian MacKay do to her? She is, afterall, a Cameron and the Cameron clan are his enemies.

Immortal Desires is, I believe, the first book in Laura Eno's Well of Souls series. I like meeting new characters and going to places I've never been. Immortal Desires not only took me to a new place, it took me into a new, to me, time period. Deanna Cameron went from a woman losing herself after being dumped to a woman able to stand up for herself and change history.






I give Immortal Desires a rating of Hel-of-a-Character. 
FTC Disclaimer: The author, Laura Eno sent me this book. That surprised me, but it did not influence my review. I was influenced by Deanna Cameron's ability to adjust to time travel. One minute she's in the modern world and the next she's in a world without cars, microwaves, television, air conditioning or flushing toilets. I could get by without the microwaves, television and air conditioning. Flushing toilets…I'd have to figure out how to invent those. Cars would be useless since there's no gas in that century. They had horses, though. Problem is, the last time I rode a horse was with a friend in Los Angeles. We rode horses up a trail to the Hollywood sign and back. By the time we got back, my legs were numb. I had to slide off the horse, then I couldn't get up. It's hard to get up, let alone stand when you can't feel your legs. If I get sent back in time, I'd have to have a solar-powered car. And air conditioning. And a solar-powered computer. That's it. Just the essentials.


  1. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! Thank you.

    I'm with you. A flushing toilet would be among my essentials. And a shower. And a washing machine.

  2. Ooh, yeah, a shower would be essential. I think I could invent a hand-powered one of those!

  3. Got me all excited ... I thought it was 'Immoral Desires' ... it's tough being dyslexic. I could make in the past without a lot of modern conveniences ... but the lack one thing really gives me a case of the whim whams: modern dentistry.

  4. Wonderful review for Laura's book! And another perfect disclaimer. Last time I was on a horse, he bit me. And everyone else as well.

  5. Alex! What did you do to that poor horse to so upset him? ;-)

    Christopher, you are so right. I am so glad I live in a time where we have dentists.

  6. Enjoyed the review. I suppose if I visited yours and Laura's blog more regularly like I used to, I would know her new book was out. I look forward to reading this one.

    You would think after being bitten, stepped on, and thrown from horses - breaking numerous bones - I would be done with the creatures. Not me. I still love them and ride when I can.

  7. I like horses, Maryann. I'd like to stand and pet one, but I swear that ride was so long and my horse so big that I really was numb by the end. I'm not kidding when I say I basically slid off the horse to the ground 'cause my legs wouldn't hold me up.

  8. Hello Hel,

    Love the cover--Gorgeous and the story is quite intriguing Good luck.


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