Thursday, March 08, 2012

What Are You Doing?

Today, I’m over on The Blood-Red Pencil talking about self-publishing and authors taking on more and more duties. I hope you’ll come over, read the post, then tell us what you’re doing or plan to do to learn about “doing it yourself” and to promote your books.

I’ll start you off by telling you three things I’m doing.
1. I recently met with two other authors for an overnight confab about self-publishing and promotion ideas.
2. I’m currently participating in an online class on how to publish via Kindle.
3. Tomorrow, I’m attending an all-day conference on publishing.

So, link on by and share your ideas.


  1. I'm off to read you at the BRP. Good luck with all the new learning. Sounds like interesting and useful stuff.

  2. You sound busy! Your post over at Blood Red Pencil was filled with great ideas.

  3. Seems like I've been doing everything but write. It's a rainy Thursday and my butt is in my chair. Now I shall create some new work, and then I'll have to promote it. Good luck with your conference,etc. (My husband shall be taking up a parking space - he's headed to Austin to watch basketball tournaments - stay away from the Frank E. center.)

  4. Heading over now, Helen

  5. Stay busy and prosper!

  6. Hopping over to take a look. Helen, you amaze me with everything you're involved in. When do you sleep?

  7. I know what I'm going to do ... learn how to spell 'achieve' ... sigh.

  8. Thank you all for stopping here and bopping over to the Blood-Red Pencil. So many of you offered your own tips in the comments section there!

  9. Very good advice at Blood-Red Pencil, Helen. Have a great time at the conference.


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