Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Google Invades Canada

As of yesterday, Google Inc. opened it digital bookstore to Canada, according to the Financial Post. It’s called the Google eBookstore. Canadian readers can “download digital books which can then be read on tablets, e-readers and PCs.” In addition, Canadian booksellers can sell their books online.”
The good news is that: “Google eBookstore in Canada will boast a library of “hundreds of thousands” of digital books for sale, as well as more than two million public domain books, which will be offered for free.”

The bad news: “…there will be fewer free books available in Canada than in the U.S. according to Scott Dougal, Google’s director of product management for Google Books.”

But then, there’s more good news: “Readers will be able to enjoy Google’s e-books on just about any device, including smartphones and tablets powered by the company’s Android operating system. However, the books will also be available on Apple Inc.’s iPad, as well as on e-readers from Kobo, Sony Corp. and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.”

Check online for more info, including a video.

Any Canadians here? Do you like that Google eBookstore is now in your country?


  1. I'm nonplussed. I don't know - I still don't have an ebook and feel that it is ridiculous to have borders in this part of the multiverse I play on. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't be able to get any ebook I wanted because I'm a Canuck.
    oh well.

  2. Makes no difference to me. Most of the books I want to read are available even though I live in Canada. But I agree with Jan. Why can't we get the same books no matter where we live? Isn't that supposed to be the beauty of the internet: no borders.

  3. As an author, I'm leery of Google's bookstore anyway. Admittedly, I haven't checked into it myself, but I've read accounts from other writers saying their contract gives them eternal rights to it if you publish on their site.
    As for the borders issue that they all have, Amazon included, I think it's a tax issue.

  4. I think you're right Laura. We, as readers, think of the world as being borderless. But the laws and tax issues vary from country to country.

  5. Google Inc. just keeps reaching out. Hope it turns out to be a good thing for Canadians and authors alike.

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  6. I tried uploading one book to the Google store, but there were issues and then the payment option wasn't working - email from tech said try again soon. I finally gave up. Somewhere in the Google cloud is a book of mine that no one knows it there.

  7. When Google invades...
    Never used Google books.


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