Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book Review: Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure

 Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure by Craig Lancaster. Long title, good book. It’s a book of short stories which all have to do with departures. It probably has something to do with quantum physics, but that’s over my head. The stories, however, are not over my head.

Each one is compelling and very interesting. And each is different from the other.

When I first opened the book on my iPad, it took me to the opening page of the first story – no cover, no title page, etc. I started reading. By about Chapter 3, I began to wonder if all the characters were ever going to connect. By the end of that third story, I stopped and went back to the very beginning. That’s when I figured out there weren’t chapters in the book, but individual stories.

I really like books that contain standalone stories, especially when there’s a connecting thread between them. Each story is so different, I, at first, thought it was an anthology written my multiple short story writers, but they are all the work of Craig Lancaster.

In addition to the stories being about departure, they’re also about relationships. That makes sense since most of life is about relationships. As we move through our life, we’re either creating relationships or breaking them. And the characters in Lancaster’s book do both in memorable ways.

Here are places where you can buy the book:
Craig’s site
Amazon paperback
Barnes and Noble paperback or Nook

I give Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure by Craig Lancaster a rating of Hel-of-a-Writer. Lancaster wrote an amazing collection of stories and did such a great job, I thought many different authors had written them.
FTC Disclaimer: The e-book, Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure, was given to me by the author, Craig Lancaster. That did not influence my review. I’ve had many departures in my life. I’ve departed different states and various cities. People have departed from my life, either by choice or by fate. But I had never thought about there being an art to departures. This book shows that there is such an art. The departure in each story is, in its own way, art, although it is rare that the person leaving is aware of the art. And that… is life.

If you have time, link over to Craig’s website/blog and ask him about Quantum Physics. Or if you already know how Quantum Physics and the art of departure are related, let me know in the comments section. Don’t depart without clicking the +1 box and commenting, though. Unless you can do it artfully. With physics. And quantum.


  1. Hi Helen .. I came across from KarenG's blog .. just by the name Quantum Physics .. I sort of like those things .. and am sure I'd love these stories.

    Great information .. thanks for posting for us - cheers Hilary

  2. Hi Hilary. Do check out Craig's book. It's amazing how different each story is and, yet, how connected they all are by theme.

  3. As always, Helen, a great blog post. Sounds like a great book!

  4. You said the magic words - available for the iPad! And another perfect ten disclaimer.

  5. Come back, Alex. You can probably explain quantum physics to me!

  6. Interesting title, thanks for introducing it, think I would like it. Rather unique concept.
    But since you say the quantum physics is not quite that quantum physics I should then be able to read it.

  7. Great title! Books of short stories are starting to make a comeback it seems.

  8. You may be right, KarenG. I seem to be seeing and reading more of them.

  9. Thank you, Helen.

    For those of you who have e-readers, I'm giving away electronic copies of the book for the next couple of weeks.

    Totally free. No strings attached.

    Details here:

  10. No quantum tips here...great review, though!
    It's irritating that ebooks open on the first chapter. I've finally learned to always hit the back button to see what treasures might be there. Sometimes prologues are hidden.

  11. I wondered why some of the e-books have opened without the front material. I have bought some that do that, and others that start with a nice image of the coverart and they all the other front material we are accustomed to.

    Helen, I agree with Alex, your disclaimer rates a ten. Not that the review was shabby - LOL - I just think we have all come to really enjoy your disclaimers.

  12. Fantastic title. I'm a fan of long titles. The book sounds great.


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