Monday, July 19, 2010

Book Review: Shut Up and Kiss Me

 Shut Up and Kiss Me is a Romance by award winning author Christie Craig. Three things immediately appealed to me:
1. The cover is pink and white. Can’t say “romance” more clearly than that.
2. It’s set in Texas. Gotta read a book set in Texas, although I’ve never heard of Precious, Texas.
3. Christie Craig signed it.

So, I started reading. It starts off with an immediate attraction/dislike between the two lead characters. I think that’s pretty standard for a Romance. What pulled me in was the setting. Precious, Texas, is a town that’s primarily inhabited by people of the Chitiwa tribe. Economically, the town is in trouble and photojournalist Shala Winters has been hired to promote the town. Not everyone is happy about having an outsider come in, including Sky Gomez. Things immediately get off on the wrong foot between the two. And that tug and push continues throughout the book.

There’s lots of action, near murder and mayhem. Even though you know Shala and Sky will end up together, you keep reading to find out who’s behind all the chaos and, of course, for that scene where Shala and Sky eventually end up together. And Christie Craig doesn’t disappoint.

The characters are interesting, including the side characters. I especially liked Redfoot, Sky’s foster father. He’s the wise one who anchors the characters and the town, but even he is not above danger.

Craig keeps the action moving and the push and pull between Sky and Shala constant.

I enjoyed Shut Up and Kiss Me and would read another book by Christie Craig.
FTC Disclaimer: This book was sent to me by the author, but that’s not why I’m recommending it, nor did it influence my review. I was, however, influenced by the interesting characters, the action, the humor, and the sex. There was only one vivid, hot sex scene, but the main characters weren’t the only ones having sex. Wait! Get your minds out of the gutter! I meant in that one scene -- they were the only two in that particular scene. I meant they weren’t the only ones in the book having sex. The others just did it off-camera and we heard rumors. Jeez, people, this is an official disclaimer, quit thinking about sex. You’re gonna get me audited or traded or whatever the FTC does.
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  1. Bwahahaha! Those disclaimers crack me up! One second we're talking about near murder and mayhem, and the next we're totally in the gutter, thanks to your disclaimer. :) Great review, thanks.

  2. Great review and your disclaimer ROCKS!

  3. This book is definitely going on my wish list. Love your review and your disclaimer had me in stitches.

    Thoughts in Progress

  4. This sounds like a book where all the elements work together perfectly, from the cover to the conflict! Thanks for the review (and always enjoyable disclaimer).

  5. I read the reviews -- always well written.
    I read the book -- sometimes.
    But I try to never miss a disclaimer! No one does a disclaimer like Helen Ginger.

  6. Your disclaimers are one of my faves of what you do here, Helen.

  7. I'm not a romance reader, but I do pick one up now and then. Christie Craig is my favorite. She came to our writers group last year and gave a workshop on writing the scenes that show your main character at his/her most vulnerable--mainly the sex scenes. It was a great workshop. Any writers group out there looking for a workshop should call Christie.

  8. Almost sounds like a mystery, as well as a romance.

    I loved your FTC disclaimer.

  9. I'd give that disclaimer a 9.9!!

  10. Murder, mayhem and romance. Sounds like a great book to escape my life for a few moments because I mostly have only the mayhem. Not that I want the murder. LOL

  11. Love the title of the book. It's also the title of a song sung by a country singer whose name I can't recall. (Another senior moment).

  12. Shut up and Kiss Me - my husband says that sometimes! LOL

  13. Mark, that was probably a great workshop.

    Hi all. Y' all are generous with your laughter. Thanks.

    Pardon any typos. I'm on my iPhone, in moving car. Not doing the driving though. Oops, husband just missed the turnto D.C. Guess who's supposed to be navigating?

  14. Sounds like a great book! Definitely one for the wishlist! :)

  15. LOLOLOL! I LOVE your disclaimer. No worries, we won't let them trade you.

    I enjoyed your take on the book. It was a fun book to read. Light, fun, snappy with humor. There were places where Shala's frustration with Sky wafted off the page like heat shimmers in Texas.

  16. Thanks for the review. Always good to learn about a book I might not ordinarily pick up.

  17. I've arrived at a point that when I click on your post and see a review I say "Oh good. That means Helen has also written a disclaimer!" :)

    Thanks for the review too Helen.

  18. I’m looking forward to reading a book filled with your disclaimers in the near future - they always make me laugh. I like the title of this book and it sounds like it might be a perfect beach read.

  19. Disclaimer! Hah! :D Loved it AND the review.

  20. Darn. And my mind was off and running all kinds of crazy thoughts. Thanks for your disclaimer.

    Stephen Tremp

  21. Think "Shut up and disclaim me" would catch on?


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