Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

I hope everyone is busy today with family, friends, good food, laughing, hiding eggs, and nibbling chocolate. Whatever faith or non-faith you are, I wish you peace and joy and love.

We’re keeping it simple here in the Ginger house. We’re having:
Good Morning Casserole

Baked Potatoes
Breakaway Bread (my son’s favorite) 
Deviled Eggs (my daughter’s favorite)
Vanilla Mousse Cheesecake (never tried before recipe)

Remember, this is the last day to leave a comment and be entered in the giveaway for a copy of Susan McBride’s The Cougar Club. You can also leave a flash story with the words “cougar” and “bride” or “McBride” to earn an extra entry in the drawing.

Hope your Sunday is a good one.

Here’s a question for you:
Have you ever written a holiday scene in a book or short story? What was its purpose? Happy Easter everyone!
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  1. aww happy easter!!

    you know, that you mention it, i realize i've never written a holiday scene before.


    i wonder why?

    makes me want to write one.

    have a fab weekend!!

  2. In my WIP I have two scenes of Christmas which illustrate a man's disattachment from his mother and the sadness he feels about his life and a second scene which reveals the consequences of his lifestyle. There is nothing merry about either scene.

    Have a wonderful Easter from Greetings from Blogging From A to Z April Challenge

  3. Kalo Pascha apo Kyprios!

    Have fun with your family.

  4. Actually, no, I haven't. I asked my editor if she wanted a holiday book and she nicely skirted the question. :)

    Happy Easter, Helen!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  5. Happy Easter Helen. Hope you and your family have a wonderful time. Looking forward to hearing how the Vanilla Mousse Cheesecake turns out and if you'll share the recipe. :)

  6. Happy Easter! Hope you have a great day.

    I don't think I've ever written a holiday scene before in a book. Not quite sure why - it's just never come up!

  7. I asked that question because I've never written a holiday. There would have to be a reason, like Arlee's. Every scene needs purpose. Holidays like Christmas or Easter or Fourth of July are ripe for stuff to happen, though.

  8. Enjoy a wonderful Easter with your family, Helen :)

  9. Happy Easter Helen! Your son has good taste- that Breakaway Bread looks delicious! I will have to try my hand at that after Easter dinner!

    Enjoy your week!

  10. Happy Easter! It's just the two of us, so we're going out with friends for our Easter dinner.

  11. I've never thought about writing a holiday - interesting question. Of course, when you mentioned the 4th of July I thought about aliens landing. :P

  12. Happy Easter to you Helen..

    that Bread sounds like a wonderful thing to try out.

  13. I LOVE deviled eggs....mmmmm.

    First time here, but not my last.

    Happy Easter,

  14. Suzanne, my son likes the Breakaway Bread so much, he makes it himself when he goes to pot lucks at friends' house. (He made it and took it last night. And he'll happily eat it again today.)

  15. Happy Easter! I've made lemon chicken, potato salad, and jalapeno bread for friends!

  16. Sounds delicious, Diane. I'm trying to think if I've ever had lemon chicken. I don't believe I have!

  17. Yum. Now I'm hungry. I've written holiday scenes into my essays many times. Happy Easter.

  18. Easter Sunday was great; our 6th and last day of skiing in kids' spring break (and probably our 100th day on skis this winter). Blue sky and white snow, can't be better than that >:)


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