Sunday, March 14, 2010

I Am Prolific

Before you start wondering what I could be prolific at, I’ll tell you. Carol Kilgore of the great blog Under the Tiki Hut thinks I’m prolific at blogging. She gave me The Prolific Blogger Award.

There’s apparently only one rule to this award. I’m supposed to pass it on to 7 other bloggers who are prolific. I know some of you may have received this already or you’re wary of getting awards or you don’t like to pass them on so…

I’m going to pass it on anyway.

If you’ve received it before, congratulations. You’re getting it again.

If you don’t like to pass them on, then don’t. That’s okay.

If you don’t like getting awards, then ignore this post. You’re not alone (in not liking awards and in ignoring me - I’m a mother, I’m used to it).

It’s Sunday and I am Prolific. Quit laughing. Carol said I am.

I hereby link to and pass on The Prolific Blogger Award to:
1. Lillie Ammann  
2. L. Diane Wolfe  
3. Marvin Wilson  
4. Jemi Fraser  
5. Joanne DeMaio  
6. Liza Carens Salerno 
7. Wendy Stumptown 

Now, I urge you to visit each of these bloggers and tell them they’re pros at being lific. 
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  1. I would love to be prolific but I don't have too much to say. Which is why I decided to have Guest Bloggers to do the work for me!

  2. Congrats on being prolific AND for your award!!

  3. Helen,

    Congratulations. You are truly a prolific blogger.

    And thanks for passing the award on to me, though I'm not as much of a pro at being lific as you are. :-) And if anyone follows the link, they'll wonder why you gave the award to someone who blogs so little. I sign in to comment with my Blogger ID because that's the easiest way to comment on a Blogger blog. However, I post on Blogger only occasionally. My main blog is A Writer's Words, An Editor's Eye. I'm more of a pro at being lific over there.

  4. Congratulations on the award and for being "prolific." Thanks for the "new to me" links too.

  5. You blog DAILY which just amazes me! Well deserved.

    And thank you for passing it along to me!!!

  6. Wow Helen! Thank you, though I bow to you, the master. I am in awe of don't even take weekends off! It is an honor to be included in your list of "pro's!"


  7. Lillie, you have multiple blogs. I only have one. You're the pro.

    Liza, my kids will be laughing that you think I'm a pro! Ha! I do make a mean strawberry cake, though.

  8. Well you ARE definitely prolific at blogging, so well deserved and kudos, Helen. Also thanks for thinking of The Old Silly. Sure I'll accept the award ... only problem with this one is there aren't many rules attached for me to refuse or break. Where's the fun in that? (wink)

    The Old Silly

  9. Thanks so much Helen! It's a nice way to begin my week on this Sunday morning, on such a positive note. And congrats to you too!

  10. Thanks for such kind words, Helen. I think you had fun with being a Pro Lific :)

  11. You are terrific at being prolific, Helen!
    Thanks for sharing the blog links, I will have to pay a visit soon.

  12. You really deserve this reward. Somehow you have something interesting to say every day.

  13. Working my way up the posting scale!

    Congratulations, Helen.

  14. Marvin, you are indeed a rule breaker. Perhaps you could choose one blogger and give it to him/her seven times. Or choose someone who is so new they've only posted once or twice and give them your own version of the Newbie-lific Award.

  15. Helen, you are a gem! I'm always amazed by your ability to post something great each and every day--thank you so much!

    And thanks for the award. You made my day!

  16. Thanks Helen! You always make me smile. So, now, off I go to be "lific" :)

  17. We could start a singing group, The Lifics. I can't sing, so I'll write the lyrics. I'll write the Lifics lyrics.

  18. Congratulations on your award. It is nice to be noticed by fellow bloggers.

  19. Congrats on another well-deserved award and thanks for the intro to some good blogs. I hopped over and read a couple of your awardees. Good stuff.

  20. Carol thought of a good award.

  21. You are both prolific and amazing. Congrats!


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