Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am Beautiful

Michele Emrath gave me The Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you Michele.

The rules are these: link to the person who nominated me for this award (done), share seven interesting things about myself, and nominate seven other beautiful bloggers.

I totally appreciate the award, but, people, I am B-O-R-I-N-G. I’ve had to tell interesting things about myself before and I think I’ve run out of anything remotely interesting. But I’m going to give it a try. If I’ve told these before, keep in mind I’m also forgetful.

1. I started elementary school when I was five.

2. I started college when I was 17

3. I recently found pictures of me in college. DAMN, I was cute!

4. Last Wednesday, I mentioned in a post that my sister used to beat me up and I had the chipped tooth to prove it. Said sister, who apparently reads my blog but has never left a comment, emailed to say she never beat me up and I broke the tooth on my own. I reminded her how it happened and her involvement in it. She didn’t exactly own up to it, but did say I had a good memory. Maybe I’m not so forgetful after all.

5. I was married in a Mormon church, even though neither I nor my husband is Mormon.

6. I’m slowly donating ornaments. Over the years, I’ve collected/made enough to fill two giant trees.

7. I gave the graduation speech for my high school graduating class. And, yes, one of my majors in college ended up being Speech.

Now, to nominate 7 truly beautiful bloggers and certainly more interesting people:
1. Suzanne at Chick With Books  
2. Terra at Terra Garden  
3. Arlee Bird at tossing it out  
4. Elspeth Antonelli at It’s A Mystery  
5. Glynis Smy at Author Blog: Glynis Smy  
6. Sheila Deeth at Sheila Deeth Blog  
7. Ann Summerville of Cozy in Texas 

Again, thank you to Michele Emrath for giving me this award.

Suzanne, Terra, Arlee, Elspeth, Glynis, Sheila, and Ann…I pass this on to you, you beautiful bloggers.
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  1. Congratulations! Now I'll have that Christina Agua-thingy song in my head all day!

  2. Congratulations on the award, it is very deserving. It's always interesting learning new things about you. Thanks for several new links to check out.

  3. I'm thinking that Mormon church must have been really, really stunningly beautiful!

    You ARE interesting, too!

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  4. So where's the cute college pic of you? C'mon, Helen, you're holding out on us ...

    Not that you're not cute's a button now, cuz you are. (wink)

    The Old Silly

  5. Congratulations!
    Wonder what your sister will say now?

  6. C'mon! We all want to know about the Mormon church!! Maybe your sister can tell us :)

  7. It's funny how sisters don't have the smae memories of events :)

    Congrats and thanks for some new links!

  8. Yes, my sister lurks too - but I make a point of outing her by saying various things or putting funny pictures of her in. You are interesting Helen! How could you not be - you have such an interesting mind - perhaps weird things haven't happened to you but I'm amazed you didn't put in the Las Vegas Swimming thingy - the Mermaid stuff - that is sooooooo interesting!
    I, too, want to hear about the wedding of two non-Mormans in a Morman church.
    Congratualtions Beautiful!!

  9. Congrats on your Award, a "Beautiful" way to start the week!

  10. Thank you all.

    I didn't mention the mermaid thingy 'cause I figured everyone already knew that and were sick of hearing about it.

    Marvin, the picture I found isn't digital, so I'd have to somehow scan it and digitalize it to put it up.

    Jan, I like the idea of torturing, er, celebrating my sister by putting up pictures.

  11. Congratulations on your award! You are one smart cookie!

  12. Well, you know how it is. After time, the cookie crumbles....

  13. Congratulations Helen! You have received some well-deserved kudos lately.


  14. Thank you Liza. It's been fun getting them and giving them.

  15. What fun - Thanks for thinking of me Helen - I'll forward the reward on.

  16. Well deserved, Helen. And post the college photo!!!! I'll post an old photo if you do.

  17. Thank you so much Helen, you do not know how much it means...well maybe you do. X

  18. You're welcome, Glynis. I'm looking forward to reading your interesting things!

  19. If you keep getting these awards you will not have a secret left. Yikes! You might have to make something up. LOL

  20. I can do that, Maryann. I haven't yet, of course. ;-)

  21. Yah! That's a great award!

    I like to tell my sister that I SHOULD have beaten her up when we were kids. But I was too nice. :)

  22. Thank you kindly for the recognition. As has become my tradition, I will post this on my site on Saturday 3/27.

  23. Poor younger sisters. They grow up looking over their shoulder. ;-)

    Well, arlee bird, I shall be coming to your blog to find out some interesting (blackmail) things about you.

  24. Congrats on the award! Younger sisters don't remember anything that points the finger at them. ;)

  25. So, I gave you a "happy award" on my blog today, because I really think you need to answer more questions. Heehee!

  26. Congratulations Helen! And many thanks for the award, which I shall plan to pass on to others soon.

    Brothers seem to have different memories of events too. And even sons.

  27. Congrats on your wonderful award! Readers are never B-O-R-I-N-G! Love your blog and have never been bored here!! Thanks to you for passing along an award to me! You are too sweet! Now will have to think of things so that I don't look boring! :)


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